104 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tu

TuRefers to a person who learns quickly and intelligent.Boy
TuahLuck or fortuneBoy
TuariBaby eagle or child eagle.Boy
TuccaA creative and diligent person; imaginativeBoy
TucciusName of vestal virgin in Roman legend.Boy
TucgaA patient and perfect individual; passionateBoy
TuckAn experienced and passionate individualBoy
TuckerFabric pleater An English Occupational nameBoy
TuckereOne who is a doer of tuckerBoy
TucsonWho comes from the town of Arizona.Boy
TudcaA person who enjoys and always winsBoy
TuddaA decisive, daring and freedom loving personBoy
TudecaIdealistic and inspirational human beingBoy
TuderThe king of the nation.Boy
TudorSpiritual gift or divine talent.Boy
TudwalThe monarch who rules the nation.Boy
TudwrigA very generous individual; helpfulBoy
TueA successful person with strong personalityBoy
TufailFacilitator or moderator.Boy
TuffaOne who has firm ideas and idealsBoy
TufoolSelf sufficient and responsible human beingBoy
TuhinsurraWhite as snowBoy
TuiA kind of bird which eats honey always as food.Unisex
TukaYoung BoyBoy
TukaramA poet saintBoy
TukkuttokHe who is generous.Unisex
TukupaTongan word, meaning promise.Boy
TulajaGod of grace or the one who fight with evil powers.Boy
TulasidasServant of tulasi, basil plantBoy
TuliRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.Unisex
TulimakTulimak is a form of Tulimaq. It means rib.Unisex
TulimaqInuit word for rib.Boy
TulioAnimated or energetic.Boy
TullisA group of people or multitude who are very powerful.Boy
TulliuA form of Tullius. It was the name of a famous king.Boy
TulliusHumanistic and a name of a KingBoy
TullochA name for hillock and a mound; interrestingBoy
TulokWarrior or god of the stars.Boy
Tulsi kumarA holy Basil plant, The prince of basil plantBoy
TulsidaasServant of tulsiBoy
TulsidasA famous SaintBoy
TulsikumarSon of tulsiBoy
TulugaakLike a raven or the creator of light.Boy
TulumeuSicilian form of Ptolemaios. It means aggressive, warlike.Boy
TumaRefers to eternal or endless.Boy
TumaiTrustworthy or upright.Boy

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