66 Baby Boy Names That Start With Vi

ViamrshA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
VibhaakarThe moonBoy
VibolIn abundanceBoy
VicencTo winBoy
VicenteVariation of Vincent which means ConqueringBoy
VicenzuA variant of Vincentius. It means to conquer.Boy
VichearKnowledge or educationBoy
VidCroatian form of Wido, meaning wood.Boy
VidyadharA learned personBoy
VidyanandOne who is happy with his knowledgeBoy
VidyasagarThe ocean of learningBoy
VigharthurOne who is fearless in war.Boy
VikalTwilight, evening or close of the day.Boy
ViktorViktor is a form of Victor and means Victoria.Boy
VilemThe determined guardian.Boy
VilhelmRomanian form of William, meaning resolute defender.Boy
VilhelmsWill or desire.Boy
ViliDiminutive of Vilmos, which is a form of William. It means resolute protector.Boy
ViliamA form of Vilem, meaning determined guardian.Boy
ViliamiViliami is a form of William. It means resolute protector. 0Boy
VilisHelmet of determination.Boy
ViljemSlovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.Boy
VilkoSlovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.Boy
VillemEstonian form of William. It means helmet or protection.Boy
VimalnathVimalnath was the 13th Tirthankara of Jainism.Boy
VimukhtiA variant of Moksha, meaning emancipation.Boy
VinConquering, the one with conquering abilities.Boy
VinayModesty, a person who's humble and modest.Boy
VincaTo conquerBoy
VincencTo conquerBoy
VincenckA variant of Vincenc, meaning to conquer.Boy
VincentiusTo conquerBoy
VincenzoVariation of Vincent which means ConqueringBoy
VincislauVariant of the name Wenceslaus. It means more glory.Boy
VinckShort form of Vincenc. It means to conquer.Boy
VinkoConquering, a man with conquering and leadership qualities.Boy
VinsandaHe who enjoys with his heartBoy
ViorelBluebell flowerBoy
ViperSerpent or Alive or Bring forthBoy
VirBrave man of Raghu Clan; One of many names of Lord Rama; A name to the ultimately formless (advita); An Incarnation of Lord VishnuBoy
ViramA man who is very strong.Boy
VireakThe absence of desire.Boy
VireakbothA brave and noble son.Boy
VirenOne who is the leader of heroesBoy
VirgilioStaff bearerBoy
VirgiliuRomanian form of Virgilius, possibly meaning flourishing.Boy
VisalLarge or bigBoy
VisethSuperb or excellent.Boy
VishalGreat, grandeur, magnificent, eminence, prominence, and illustriousness. The meaning also attributes to the property of being grand.Boy
VisheshSpecial, someone who's specialBoy
VishvaEarth, universeBoy
VisnaFaith or destinyBoy
VisothHeavenly and pureBoy
VisothirithHeavenly and pure.Boy
VisvadinuHe who has won the universe.Boy
VitharaSomething that is spacious and expansive.Boy
VithuA wise and intelligent man.Boy
VitoCroatian form of Vitus, meaning life.Boy
VitomirLord of the peaceful world.Boy
VitsentTo conquerBoy
VivaanFull of lifeBoy

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