123 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter W

Baby Boy Names Starts With w

Baby names keep going through trends. There was a time when stoic and simple names were popular, and now eccentric and unique names are ruling the roost. But one trend that never seems to fade is giving baby boys a name starting with the letter W.

W, equivalent to number five, is a letter of freedom, adventure, and self-expression. Your baby boy is likely to derive lots of energy from his initial, which he’ll use constructively. But too many changes at one time may scatter his energy, which can lead to lack of discipline and application. But that would be momentarily, and he won’t take long to bounce back.

However, W guys are very impulsive by nature, which can see them entering a situation only to discard it easily. They have a fear of being trapped in relationships. They even get restless if they’re made to work forcefully or under pressure of deadlines. They crave for a life with adventure and may create chaos themselves if they’re bored.

William, Wyatt, and Warren are some of the timeless names starting with this letter. But if you’re looking for something unique and extraordinary, take a look at MomJunction's long list of wonderful baby boy names starting with W.

WaqasCombatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; A variant spelling is WaqqasBoy
WarburtonFrom the fortress town.Boy
WarisArabic term for successor.Boy
WarqahName of a dignitary in the Quran.Boy
WaruhiuOne who always bears a weapon.Boy
WaruiOne who comes from the river.Boy
WasakiThe EnemyBoy
WasfiOne who is worthy of praise, and worthy of speaking about.Boy
WasiAdvice, testament, counselBoy
WasimHandsome; Honest; Good Looking; A variant spelling is WaseemBoy
WathiqOne who is sure and certain.Boy
WatkinsArmy ruler or general.Boy
WatsonSon of WattBoy
WaverlyMeadow of quivering aspensUnisex
WaweruBorn of plain.Boy
WaylonLand beside the roadBoy
WayneOccupational name which means Maker of WagonsBoy
WedantKnower of the Vedas, One who knows all the vedas.Boy
WednesdayWoden's dayBoy
WekesaBorn during the time the crops gather.Boy
WenceslausGreat gloryBoy
WendellA wendBoy
WesleyWestern meadowBoy
WessonWest townBoy
WestinFrom the western townBoy
WestleyVariation of Wesley which means Western MeadowBoy
WestonFrom the western townBoy
WeylinThe land by the road.Boy
WhitneyWhite IslandUnisex
WibeFight, battle or warBoy
WiebeA form of Wibe, meaning battle or war.Boy
WifaqHarmony, unity, amiability.Boy
WilburBright resolveBoy
WilderWord name or Last nameUnisex
WilferdoVariation of Wilfred which means Someone who desires peaceBoy
WilkinResolute protectorBoy
WilkoA form of William, meaning helmet, protectionBoy
WilkyShort form of Wilkin.Boy
WillDetermined to protectBoy
WillardBold resolveBoy
WillermusDetermined guardianBoy
WillfredSomeone who desires peaceBoy
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
WillieVariation of William which Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of WilliamUnisex
WilmotNorman form of William. It means resolute protector.Boy
WiloughbyA willow farm workerBoy

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