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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Brayden

Brayden has a significant origin in Irish history. The name is a transformation of the Irish-Gaelic name ‘Bradan’, which means ‘salmon.’ Salmon is often a symbol of wisdom. Thus, the name is synonymous with wisdom and bravery. However, it has different roots in English and Scotland. According to the folklore of these cultures, Brayden is defined by the masculine features ‘wide’ and ‘broad.. Similarly, in ancient English, ‘Brogden’ means ‘one who lives in the valley of a brook.’ Thus, Brayden is identified as a name for a man with a courageous and valiant persona, something you may want your little ones to adopt as they grow.

Brayden first appeared and became familiar in the US, Scotland, Canada, and the UK between 1840 and 1920. Some also say that the name was earlier found as the surname Braden, which was created from Bradden, an old village in South Northamptonshire. The energetic name is variably used as nicknames Brady or Bray. It is usually stated that Brayden is an Americanized version of the primary name Braden. Besides, its alternative usage includes Bradyn, Braedon, Bradon, Braiden, Braydan, Braydyn, and Bradden.

You can also find mentions of this name in the entertainment industry. For instance, Brayden Holt was a crucial character in ‘Wentworth’, the award-winning Australian drama series. Moreover, ‘Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ is an American TV series where the name was used. In this show, Brayden is portrayed as a student of Atlas Academy. The American animated movie ‘Ninjago’ also features Brayden Nelson as the Lego character. Another name variation was represented in the daytime soap ‘Days of Our Lives’ as the character Bo Brady. Additionally, you may also remember that Brady was the child depicted in ‘Clarence’, the Cartoon Network series. In this way, the name has been used by people more often while defining their male characters.


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How To Pronounce Brayden?


Famous People With The Name Brayden

  • Brayden SchnurCanadian tennis player, popular for his performance in Roger Cup 2016
  • Brayden TuckerAmerican actor, known for movies like Grimm and Different Drummers
  • Brayden SchennCanadian ice hockey player, best known as the hockey center of the National Hockey League
  • Brayden BensonAmerican child actor, worked in movies such as Tag and A Monster in the House

Brayden On The Popularity Chart

Brayden is a familiar name among parents. Have a look at the chart to get a better idea of how it has evolved over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The popularity of the name remained constant till 1990. However, after that, it increased significantly and touched its peak in 2010 when 9,115 babies per million were named Brayden. Check out the chart and study the details.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name had a fairly reasonable rank in the 1980s, the best being 14,372 in 1986. However, over time, the ranks deteriorated significantly. In 2021, Brayden was at 17,675th position. Go through the chart for more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Brayden

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