86 Brazilian Baby Names With Meanings

Do you want to add an international flair to your child’s name? Or do you want a name that nods to your child’s heritage, culture, or ancestors? Then you shouldn’t think twice before picking a Brazilian baby name for your bundle of joy.

Brazilian names are composed of two personal names, but at times, the first name can be used on its own. Upon marriage, a woman almost always keeps her maiden name. But in earlier times, Brazilian women were required to change their maiden name, keep their father’s name, and add their husband’s last name.

A Brazilian family name can have more than one word. ‘Do’, ‘dos’, and ‘da’, which means ‘of the’, is also used as a part of the family name. Brazilians are also allowed to use just one family name, which is the father’s paternal family name. The family name is usually taken from the paternal side, but that doesn’t mean mother’s family is left in isolation. Citizens also have the option of picking two surnames, in which the first surname is the mother’s family surname and the final surname is the father’s family surname.

Below is MomJunction’s wide collection of Brazilian baby boy and girl names with means. Click on the names to gather all the information on it.

MarelaineA Brazilian nameGirl
MucamutaraA woman born during the war.Girl
MusaaziA man who likes joking with others.Boy
NicolauBrazilian variant of Nicholas, meaning victory of people.Boy
OlavoElf armyBoy
OnyaitBorn on the grassland.Boy
PascoalA variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.Boy
QuimEstablished by God.Boy
RaymundoA smart protector of peopleBoy
RejinaldoOne who rules with the counselBoy
RosaliceA woman noble as a roseGirl
RosaliciaOne with the nobility of a roseGirl
RwakaikaraGod of the Banyoro peopleBoy
SalomãoOne who likes peace, peaceableBoy
TadeuGiven by God.Boy
TristaoA variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.Boy
UiaraThe water ladyGirl
UlissesAngry or to hateBoy
UmojaUnity or harmonyBoy
UxíaA woman who is wellborn and well fed.Girl
UxíoA man who is well born and well fedBoy
ValentimBrazilian variant of Valentine, meaning strong and healthy.Boy
VeríssimoVery trueBoy
VitóriaA variant of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
XesúsGod is salvationBoy
XoánBrazilian form of Juan, meaning God is gracious.Boy
XoanaGod is graciousGirl
YaraWater ladyGirl
YarahA form of Yarah, meaning water lady.Girl
God's sonBoy
ZeferinoWest windBoy
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