118 Breton Baby Names With Meanings

Breton, the strong artisans with a legacy of having been ruled by the Altmer, cherish nobility and power, which is visible in their choice of names as well. Breton names are mainly inspired by real-world French, English, and Gaelic names, but are modified to give them the perfect Old-English or Breton feel. But that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Breton also use plenty of unusual names that do not seem to fit any particular pattern. The family names or surnames, on the other hand, are mainly normal French, English or Gaelic last names.

Breton baby names were at the height of their popularity in 1972, with over 2.975% boys given Breton names and six of them appearing in the top 1,000 name list. The frequency of use may have declined over the years, but that doesn’t mean they are no longer in usage. Breton names are still quite popular in Europe, especially among the Celtic Britons inhabiting the Brittany region. And if you are also one of those people, you’ll find our list of Breton baby boy and girl name list handy. Take a look!

AlbanWhite or man from Alba; from ancient Latin cityBoy
BleuennWhite flowerGirl
BriacOne with force and strenghtBoy
Enorathis name means honour.Girl
EwenOne who is of the yew treeBoy
GwenGwen means white. White color is the sign of holiness. So Gwen also means as holy.Girl
GwenaelWhite, fair or generousBoy
GwendalGwendal means white browed person. White brows are the sign of blessings and intelligence.Girl
KatellKatell means PureGirl
KlerviToken of the eggGirl
LenaA short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted womanGirl
MaiwennThe one who raisesGirl
RonanTo make a promising oathBoy
SoizicOne who belongs to the people of FranksGirl
TanguyA warrior of fireBoy
TifennManifestation of GodGirl
AbranFather of the multitudeBoy
AelRocks or rampartBoy
AelaRock or rampartGirl
AergadOne who is strong in battleBoy
AihranBretons form of Aaron, meaning exaltedBoy
AkillesA form of Achilles meaning hero of the GreeksBoy
AlanigBretons form of Alan, meaning handsomeBoy
AlouarnAn iron browBoy
AmbroasOne who is immortalBoy
AndrevBretons form of Andrev, meaning manlyBoy
AnnaegGrace or favourBoy
AnnickGod is gracious, merciful one and he has answered the prayersGirl
AodrenOne who is of high birthBoy
AodrenaOf high birthGirl
AogustBretons form of August, meaning venerableBoy
AoureganThe name is derived from Bretons elements aour which means "gold" and gwen, uuin which means "white, fair, blessed"Girl
AourgenA spelling variant of Aouregan, meaning gold and beautifulGirl
ArgantaelNoble silverGirl
ArgantlowenSilver or happy and joyfulGirl
ArmelaBear princeGirl
ArvenBattle worthy or carnage worthyBoy
ArzhelBear princeBoy
ArzhelaFeminine variant of Arzhel, meaning bear princeGirl
ArzhurBear manBoy
AzeliceShe who is nobleGirl
AzilisA noble kind, of the noble sortGirl
BernezBrave as a bearBoy
BleuzenThe Bretons form of the Welsh Blodwen, meaning white flowersGirl
BriacaThe feminine form of Briac, meaning disputedGirl
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