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Origin, Meaning, And History of Brielle

Brielle is the short version of the French name Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength.” Gabrielle, in turn, is the feminine version of the name Gabriel. In Hebrew, Gabriel means “strong man” or “hero.” Brielle in Hebrew means “strong woman of God.”

Brielle is a town and seaport in the Western Netherlands. Even though Brielle is not mentioned in the Bible despite having a religious meaning, Gabriel the Archangel makes several appearances in the Old Testament. He is an angel of higher rank who was entrusted to deliver important messages on God’s behalf.

The name as a given name has been popular throughout Europe. It is also gaining traction in the US with more parents opting for the shorter versions of names.

The feminine name, Brielle, is pronounced as “Bree-EHL.” However, with only two syllables in the name, more emphasis is placed on the second one by using soft vowels. The name has several variations across cultures and languages. The German variant of the name is Breelle, while Briela is the Albanian variant. Other popular variations include Bria, Arielle, Brielle, Brynn, Braelyn, and Braelynn.

Additionally, parents make choices of Briella as it is a short name and may not need a nickname. However, Bree, Brie, Bri, Ell, Ellie, Ella, and Lee, can go well with Brielle.

The name also finds its mention in popular culture. Brielle Brooks is the daughter of Blade, a vampire hunter, in Marvel comics. The name Brielle is borne by several notable personalities. They include American pop singer Brielle Von Hugel, who participated in the American Idol Season 11, American fashion model Brielle Lacosta, and  American actress Brielle Barbusca, known for her role  on the TV series The Starter Wife.


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How To Pronounce Brielle?


Famous People With The Name Brielle

  • Brielle BarbuscaAmerican actress, known for her role in the TV series “The Starter Wife”
  • Aparna BrielleBritish actress known for portraying Sarika Sarkar on the NBC television series AP Bio
  • Brielle BarbuscaAmerican actress known for her roles in movies like Party Mom and Animal Kingdom

Brielle On The Popularity Chart

The popularity of Brielle started looking up in 2002, reaching the peak in 2008. Check out the graphs below to know how the name is faring on the popularity charts over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name has made big leaps in the past two decades from 21 babies per million being named Briella in 1980 to 2770 babies per million in 2012. Learn more about the popularity of the name below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Briellewas ranked 3734 in 1980. However, as years went by, the popularity of the name rose significantly, reaching the best rank of 99 in 2018. Find the graph below for detailed information about the ranking trends.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Brielle

As charming as Brielle is, you may want your daughter to be named something that sounds similar. Check out the names listed below.

Names With Similar Meaning As Brielle

Briella has a religious meaning that may have appealed to you. Here are some more names with similar meaning as Brielle.

Name Numerology For Brielle

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