63 British Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GuinemainsThey are practical,scientific and intelligent.They creat irritability and have strong temper.Boy
GuingualThey have negative influences in their lives.They have lack of positivity and confidence.Boy
GuingualumThey are very creative in art,music and drama.They love independence and freedom.Boy
GuirecGuirec means secretive, reliable and passionate person who is trustworthy for everyone.Unisex
GuodloiuHave sterling quality but doesnot give an overall stability.Boy
GuonocatuiAn intense nature,strong feelings and emotional desires.creative expression in art,music or drama.Boy
Gurcanoown experiences,strong,urge of independent. stability to live high.Boy
Gurcantcreative,ability, imagination, practical lines.Boy
Gurcantiemotional and somewhat boisterous.working on intelligence.Boy
GurceneuQuiet,Had Technical Nature,Clever,have inventive mind.Boy
GurceniuSystematicluly intelligent,has clever mind.Boy
Gurcenouexpression,expressive,diplomatic refined nature.Boy
GwrgiPeople with this name have perfectionistic nature and always have desire to help other people. Such people are sensitive and feel difficulty in expressing their thoughts and ideas.Boy
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