67 British Baby Girl Names With Meanings


British girl names are a blend of traditional and cultural influences along with new trends. Traditionally, the British royal family played a massive role in influencing baby names and the Bible. Biblical names have always been popular among the masses. Meanwhile, historical names inspired by royalty, such as Elizabeth and Victoria, find frequent mention among the top baby names in Great Britain. The country has a reasonably simple naming pattern, with a first name, a middle name, and a surname, usually the child’s father’s family name. Middle names became popular in the 19th century as an innovative way to keep old-fashioned names or names of ancestors alive. However, they are not used outside of formal documents. Great Britain is one of the only regions that has retained the original influence of the Anglo-Saxons, which began with the Norman invasion of 1066. William the Conqueror brought a wave of new baby names to the country. This invasion introduced Germanic names, such as Emma. Besides these influences, British baby girl names have also taken the essence of several other European languages, such as Greek and French. Great Britain has also shown the rich tradition of using literary names for their baby girls. This includes names of authors and book characters. You will find the names Jane and Alice often used for baby girls. Newer names influenced by modern trends, celebrities, and pop culture have been popping up recently. It has led to names such as Britney gaining massive popularity in the country. These names have made a splash on the British scene, traveled the high seas, and reached the US and other countries. Some of these names are universal and captivate parents across the continents, including Africa and Asia. We have made a list of some of the best British girl names so you can easily choose the ones you love best. So, go ahead and make a shortlist to share the names with your dear ones.

heart image Aiden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little fire
heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Aria Baby Girl Sign Girl Lioness; Air; Melody
heart image Chloe Baby Girl Sign Girl Fresh blooming; Ripe green shoot
heart image Evelyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Life
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Olivia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Olive tree
heart image Sophia Baby Girl Sign Girl She who possesses great knowledge and wisdom
heart image Abcde Baby Girl Sign Girl First five letters of the English alphabet
heart image Abeque Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who loves to stay at home
heart image Aberdeen Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is from the city in northeast Scotland
heart image Aberesh Baby Girl Sign Girl Derived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities
heart image Ailleda Baby Girl Sign Girl Warrior
heart image Ainsley Baby Girl Sign Girl Solitary clearing; One's own meadow
heart image Bretta Baby Girl Sign Girl From Britain
heart image Brettany Baby Girl Sign Girl British woman
heart image Brette Baby Girl Sign Girl Native British woman
heart image Brettin Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman from Britain
heart image Brettlyn Baby Girl Sign Girl British girl
heart image Ceagan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex An unisex British name
heart image Charlotte Baby Girl Sign Girl Free person; Petite
heart image Crystiana Baby Girl Sign Girl A follower of Christ
heart image Dayluue Baby Girl Sign Girl A youthful and excitable being
heart image Dazi Baby Girl Sign Girl One with great sense of detail
heart image Eadbald Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person who enjoys beauties of nature
heart image Eilaria Baby Girl Sign Girl Cheerful; merry; one who has a great love for nature
heart image Godehyda Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is god-gifted in creativity
heart image Godelif Baby Girl Sign Girl Dear God
heart image Godelina Baby Girl Sign Girl An ancient saint
heart image Goldberga Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold mountain
heart image Goldcorn Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who has hidden qualities of knowledge, research and wisdom
heart image Goldcorna Baby Girl Sign Girl The one with a kind and peaceful heart
heart image Goneril Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of King Lear
heart image Greisy Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is charming and energetic
heart image Gudytha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who loves adventure, excitement, and freedom
heart image Guenhumara Baby Girl Sign Girl A very intelligent person
heart image Guenhwyvar Baby Girl Sign Girl White and fair
heart image Guirec Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Secretive; Reliable; Passionate
heart image Gusta Baby Girl Sign Girl The staff of God; One who will be polite and caring for the community; Like angels
heart image Gwenhoivar Baby Girl Sign Girl Lively and challenging
heart image Hadewisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Roger of Mortimer's wife
heart image Haida Baby Girl Sign Girl Heart
heart image Haideh Baby Girl Sign Girl Repentant; Regretful; Apologetic
heart image Haley Baby Girl Sign Girl Hay clearing; Clearing in the woods
heart image Hassanah Baby Girl Sign Girl Most pious; Beautiful
heart image Haura Baby Girl Sign Girl The distinctly whorish quality emanating from a female
heart image Hawysia Baby Girl Sign Girl A flower name
heart image Heahburg Baby Girl Sign Girl high fortress
heart image Heathuburg Baby Girl Sign Girl expressive, fun-loving nature
heart image Hebrewynn Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend
heart image Heregyth Baby Girl Sign Girl Battle; War
heart image Hereswith Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength of the army
heart image Hermenjart Baby Girl Sign Girl Enclosure
heart image Hodia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wonders of God
heart image Hodierna Baby Girl Sign Girl Of Today
heart image Hormat Baby Girl Sign Girl honor
heart image Hugolina Baby Girl Sign Girl bright spirit
heart image Hugolinae Baby Girl Sign Girl Serious; Mature; Stable
heart image Jimanekia Baby Girl Sign Girl Adventurous and straightforward; Independent, ethical, determined towards their goal and have convincing power
heart image Jolicia Baby Girl Sign Girl Adventurous, clever, artistic
heart image Jomaira Baby Girl Sign Girl Gentle, joyful friend-makers
heart image Juliet Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy; Descended from Jupiter
heart image Lynell Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong and gracious
heart image Mysti Baby Girl Sign Girl Enigmatic and mysterious
heart image Nashville Unisex Baby Sign Unisex City of music
heart image Rauenilde Baby Girl Sign Girl A British female name
heart image Scarlett Baby Girl Sign Girl The color scarlet; Bright red

British baby girl names have influences from several sources. The Bible and the British royalty are the primary sources of inspiration for these names. However, they have also been inspired by other European languages, cultures, and literature. Influenced by global phenomena, new names are also filtering into the rich British culture. Thus, British baby girl names combine the traditional and the modern, as well as the native and the universal.

Infographic: Blissful British Girl Names With Meanings

British girl names have great influences and deep meanings. They take inspiration from the native languages of Great Britain and various languages brought by people of different cultures now residing in the island nation. If you are interested in buoyant British girl names, take a look at the informative infographic below and select a suitable one for your little princess.

brilliant british girl names for your newborn (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rarest girl’s name in England?

Some rare names of girls in England include Aerith, Evita, Hetvi, Otillie, Wyllow, and Yuki.

2. What are some popular British girl names inspired by literature, music, or pop culture?

Baby girl names inspired by literature include Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Emma (from the novel ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen), and Hazel (from the novel by John Green titled ‘The Fault in Our Stars’). Those inspired by music include Carol (a song or hymn), Melody (a song to sing), and Harmony (unity, concord). Lastly, names inspired by pop culture include Adele (English songwriter and singer), Maisie (English actress), and Ivy (daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z).

3. How have British girl names evolved over time, and what influences have shaped them?

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, popular culture has influenced baby name trends in England and Wales. Nowadays, more parents are choosing names inspired by pop culture artists or famous movie characters.

4. Are there any famous or notable British women with unique or interesting names?

Names of famous British women include Queen Elizabeth, Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale, Margaret Thatcher, and Nell Gwyn.


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