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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Brooke

Brooke is an English name with an Old English origin, derived from the word “Broc,” which means ‘small stream.’ It was traditionally a surname, spelled as Broc back in the 12th century in Essex, and was used to refer to people that stayed near flowing water bodies or streams.

The name first appeared in the 16th century as a given name for girls, but it was not until the 19th century that it became more popular as a first name for both boys and girls. This was partly due to the popularity of the Victorian poet Rupert Brooke, named after a small river in Rugby, England.

During the 20th century, the name Brooke continued to gain popularity, particularly in the United States, where it became a popular name for girls. It was also used as a surname by some families, such as the Brooke family in England, who were prominent in British politics and society.

Different variants of the name are popular across different cultures and countries, such as Brigitte and Brice, which are French variants; Brücke and Brigitte are more popular among the German-speaking population; Irish people prefer Brogan and Brónach; Italian variants are Briciole and Bruna, Welsh people prefer it as Brwyn and Bronwyn, while Swedish people use variants like Brook and Brooklin.

Several well-known occurrences of the name Brooke were seen in famous television shows, movies, and books. Brooke is a name that has been used for several fictional characters across different forms of media. In the popular Japanese manga and anime series “One Piece,” Brook is a talking skeleton and a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. The Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” features Brook Soso, a new inmate who becomes friends with the main character. “One Tree Hill” features Brooke Davis, a high school student who becomes a successful fashion designer. In the book “Love on the Lifts” by Rachel Hawthorne, Brook Sterling is a ski instructor who falls in love with the main character, and in the MTV series “Scream,” Brooke Maddox is a popular high school student who becomes the target of a serial killer.


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How To Pronounce Brooke?


Famous People With The Name Brooke

  • Brooke AlexanderAmerican beauty queen and actress, best known for her role as con-artist Samantha Markham in As the world turns
  • Brooke AstorAmerican socialite, philanthropist and writer, was a chairwoman of Vincent Astor Foundation
  • Brooke BennettThree times Olympic winning American competitive swimmer
  • Brooke StevensAmerican fantasy and thriller writer, known for The circus of the earth and the Air
  • Brooke NihartHighly decorated United States Marine corp colonel, decorated with Navy Cross
  • Brooke HansonOlympic gold medalist, competitive Australian swimmer
  • Brooke NichollsSix times Covenant award winning, Canadian contemporary singer and songwriter
  • Brooke ShipleyAmerican mathematician, her research concerns homotopy theory and homological algebra
  • Brooke VincentEnglish actress, known for the character of Sophie Webster in the soap opera Coronation Street
  • Brooke McEldowneyCartoonist, creator of 9 Chickweed lane and Pibgorn

Brooke On The Popularity Chart

A classic and endearing name that gained popularity in the 1980s but gradually lost its appeal in recent years. More information can be found in the graphs below.

Popularity Over Time

Brooke’s popularity peaked in 1980; the name rose to prominence again in 1988. Once every few years, the popularity of the name tends to spike. The popularity trend is depicted in this graph.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Brooke has not been popular, and its rankings have always been low. However, glance through the graph shared here to gauge its performance.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Brooke

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Names With Similar Meaning As Brooke

Brooke has a calming connotation. Some more names with the same undertone are suggested here.

Name Numerology For Brooke

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