320 Buddhism Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdikaThe first child of the second husbandBoy
AgungGrand or greatBoy
AnanadaOne who is prosperous, prosperousBoy
AnhSmart, intelligentUnisex
AnhSmart, intelligentBoy
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AnurakAnurak is the male angel in Thai mythology.Boy
ArbanA fluent manUnisex
Asahi (朝日)Morning SunBoy
AtidThe sunBoy
AungSuccess, she who is destined for a successful life.Unisex
BagaskoroSun raysBoy
BagusHandsome or excellentBoy
BaktiAn obedient boyBoy
BankeiTen Thousand BlessingsBoy
BanzanIndestructible MountainBoy
BaoTo Order, To BidUnisex
BassuiHigh Above AverageBoy
Bat ErdeneStrong jewelBoy
BataarHero, a heroic figure.Boy
BatbayarStrong joyBoy
BatjargalFirm happinessBoy
BatsaikhanHe who is strong and nice.Boy
BatuhanFirm, hard or strongBoy
BatukhanA firm rulerBoy
BatzorigCourageous, and strongBoy
BhadrapalaProtector of GoodnessBoy
BoddhidharmaA person who is a follower of BuddhismBoy
BodhidharmaOne who has an all-pervading awakened and enlighted mindBoy
BolinAn elder brother of the rainBoy
Boon-MeeLucky, a lucky and fortunate boy.Boy
Boon-NamOne born with a good fortune.Boy
BrahmadhvajaOne who is the warrior of GodBoy
BuHe who is a leaderBoy
BuddhamitraOne who is Buddha's firendBoy
BudhOne who is enlightedBoy
BudhhHe who has been enlightedBoy
BudiTo have reason, mind or a characterBoy
BupposoA name that means: Buddha-Dharma-SanghaBoy
ButsugenAn eye of a BuddhaBoy
ButsujuThe age and life of BuddhaBoy
BuuA person who is a chiefBoy
CahyaOne who is the light in darknessUnisex
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CandaviraA male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoy
CandrasuryaA moon-like manBoy
CanhThe endlessness of the environmentBoy
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
ChaghataiMongolian word for baby.Boy
Chai SonA mischievous boyBoy
ChakanAn able bodied person.Boy
ChalermchaiA celebrated victoryBoy
ChaloemThe apexBoy
ChampoHe who is friendlyBoy
ChannarongAn experienced warriorBoy
ChenghizHe who is greatest and wise.Boy
ChingisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
ChinshuA calm, soothing placeBoy
ChinuaBlessings from GodUnisex
ChoreiTransparent spiritualityBoy
ChosuiWater that is pure and fit for drinking purposeBoy
ChozenClear, transparent meditation practiceBoy
ChugaiTranscending Universe; to exist above and independentBoy
ChuluunStone, or he who is strong as stone.Boy
ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
ChuongChapter; a part of a whole storyBoy
CuongFlourishing, healthyBoy
DachenGreat joyBoy
DaibaiA PlumBoy
DaidenA transmissionBoy
Daido ( 大同)The greatest way possibleBoy
DaijiFilled with love and compassionBoy
DaikakuEnlightenment of mindBoy
DaikanPowerful and activeBoy
DaikoPowerful lightBoy
DaininOne who has great patienceBoy
DaishinTruthful; one who has a pure soulBoy
DaivikaRelated to the Gods.Boy
DanasuraAmong DonorsBoy
DasbalaVery powerful man from the heartBoy
DashinOne who is contentBoy
DayakurcaOne who is the storehouse of compassionBoy
DechaPower, a powerful personBoy
DedanHaving happinessBoy
DenkatsuOne which is active as lightningBoy
DenpaA variant of Denpo, meaning truth.Boy
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