57 Buddhism Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TabanSplendid or glitteringUnisex
TadaakiFaithful lightBoy
TadashiA servant that is loyal and faithful; Right oneBoy
TaeOne who is a great personBoy
TaichiMeans a thick or big oneBoy
TaigaBig and well-mannered personBoy
TaikiBig, great tree; Full of brightnessBoy
TajiThe yellow and silver colorBoy
TakahiroAbundantly respectful and lovingBoy
TakaiThe next worldBoy
TakashiDevoted pietyBoy
TakatoPrecious measure of exaltationBoy
TakayaOne who has much respect for someoneBoy
TakeoWarrior, one who fights for his kingdomBoy
TakuYoung, living just for a little time yetBoy
TakumaAn open truthBoy
TarkhanHe who is skillfulBoy
TaruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TemujinIron or strong, he who is strong as ironBoy
TenpaBuddhist doctrineBoy
TerbishNot that oneUnisex
ThagyaminChange or transferBoy
ThaungBurmese word for ten thousandBoy
TheinA hundred thousandUnisex
ThereinThe sunUnisex
ThetHe who is calmBoy
ThienHe who is smoothBoy
ThuanHe who is tamedBoy
ThucHe who is awareBoy
ThuongOne who loves tenderlyUnisex
ThuraThe SunUnisex
ThuyA friendly manBoy
ThuyaThe sunUnisex
ThuyetA theoryBoy
ThuzaAngel, angelicUnisex
TinIn Croatian a suffix name that means a Saint. In Vietnamese it means a thinkerBoy
TohruA transparent personBoy
TokyoThe capital to the eastBoy
TomicheA wealthy and prosper personBoy
TomiichiOne who is wealthy and prosperBoy
TomohiroA huge or broad wisdom or knowledgeBoy
TomorbaatarIron, hero or strongBoy
TomoyaA wise or an intelligent personBoy
TongIn Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterboxUnisex
ToruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
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