519 Buddhism Baby Names With Meanings


While a majority of parents are opting for energetic, preppy, and rough and tough names, there are still others drawn to names with spiritual connections. And what better than dwelling in Buddhism when looking for a spiritual name?

Buddhism, encompassing a variety of beliefs, traditions, and spiritual practices, is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Based on the teachings of Lord Buddha, the essence of Buddhism is to attain nirvana and enlightenment. And Nirvana can be achieved only by practicing meditation and developing wisdom and morals.

Buddhist baby names create a positive first impression on people new to it. The peaceful and enlightened sound of these names makes the bearers looking seemingly amiable, relaxed, and approachable. These names aren’t entirely traditional. They just give cues to the virtues and goals that the bearer and his/her parents aspire to. Below, MomJunction gathered a comprehensive list of Buddhist baby names with their meaning. Keep reading!

BrahmadhvajaOne who is the warrior of GodBoy
BuHe who is a leaderBoy
BuddhamitraOne who is Buddha's firendBoy
BudhOne who is enlightedBoy
BudhhHe who has been enlightedBoy
BudiTo have reason, mind or a characterBoy
BupposoA name that means: Buddha-Dharma-SanghaBoy
BusarakhamYellow sapphireGirl
ButsugenAn eye of a BuddhaBoy
ButsujuThe age and life of BuddhaBoy
BuuA person who is a chiefBoy
CahyaOne who is the light in darknessUnisex
CaihongA rainbow in the skyGirl
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CandaviraA male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoy
CandrasuryaA moon-like manBoy
CanhThe endlessness of the environmentBoy
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
ChaghataiMongolian word for baby.Boy
Chai SonA mischievous boyBoy
ChakanAn able bodied person.Boy
ChalermchaiA celebrated victoryBoy
ChaloemThe apexBoy
ChampoHe who is friendlyBoy
ChannarongAn experienced warriorBoy
ChendaThought, intellectGirl
ChenghizHe who is greatest and wise.Boy
ChewaShe who is great or powerful.Girl
ChimeEverlasting or immortalGirl
ChingisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
ChinshuA calm, soothing placeBoy
ChinuaBlessings from GodUnisex
ChitLove, she who is lovableGirl
ChodenThe devout one or religiousGirl
ChodrenLamb of the DharmaGirl
ChomdenShe who overcomes the negative.Girl
ChoreiTransparent spiritualityBoy
ChosuiWater that is pure and fit for drinking purposeBoy
ChozenClear, transparent meditation practiceBoy
ChugaiTranscending Universe; to exist above and independentBoy
ChuluunStone, or he who is strong as stone.Boy
ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
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