86 Bulgarian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

NaydenSomething found. Name of a SaintBoy
NedelchoSunday in Bulgarian language.Boy
NeofitBulgarian form of Neophytos, meaning newly planted.Boy
NikiforBlugarian form of Nicephorus, meaning bringer of victory.Boy
OgnianVariant transcription of Ognyan, meaning fiery.Boy
OgnyanDerived from Bulgarian word ognen, meaning fiery.Boy
PenkoBulgarian diminutive of Peter, meaning rock.Boy
ProdanSold or pledged to a monasteryBoy
RadimirJoyful and peace.Boy
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RaykoBulgarian variant of Radko. It means happy or willing.Boy
RaynoBulgarian variant of Radko, meaning happy or willing.Boy
RumenA Boy whose cheeks are rudy, redBoy
SashoBulgarian diminutive of Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.Boy
SpasDerived from Bulgarian word spasen, meaning saved.Boy
StankoDiminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.Boy
StoianStay or remain, or one who stands firmly.Boy
StoyanHe who stands firmlyBoy
TaseDiminutive of Atanas. It means one who is immortal.Boy
TeodorA gift of GodBoy
TihomirDerived from the Slavic elements tih, which means quiet and mir, which peace.Boy
TimoteiA person who honours the GodBoy
TodorA beautiful an pleasant gift from GodBoy
TsvetanRefers to color or floret.Boy
ValkoDerived from Bulgarian valk, meaning wolf.Boy
VassilKingly or princely.Boy
VelyoGreat or greatness.Boy
VeselinCheerful and happy soul.Boy
VladislavGlorious rule or a glorious ruler.Boy
YanBulgarian form of Ioanne, meaning Jehovah has been gracious.Boy
YasenAsh tree in Bulgarian language.Boy
YavorBulgarian form of Javor, meaning maple tree.Boy
YosifBulgarian form of Yousuf, meaning Allah increases in piety, power and influence.Boy
ZahariGod has remembered.Unisex
ZdravkoDerived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy.Boy
ZhelyazkoDerived from Bulgarian zhelyazo, meaning iron.Boy
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