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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Caleb

Caleb is a given name of Hebrew origin, which means “one faithful as a dog.” The name is derived from the Hebrew word “kelev,” which refers to a dog and faithfulness. Another potential derivation of the name is from the Hebrew words “kal” and “lev,” together meaning “whole-hearted.” The name also has other meanings, such as “bold,” “brave,” and “devotion to God.”

In the Old Testament, Caleb and Joshua were two spies Moses sent into Canaan, the promised land. He was also one of the only two Israelites who left Egypt and made it to Canaan. The Hebrew origin name became popular in England following the Protestant Reformation to reform the Catholic church in the 16th century. The name was also common in the English Protestant sect, the Puritans, who introduced it to America in the 17th century.

The name Caleb has made a significant impact in different cultures and languages, and some variations include Cale and Kaleb (English), Chaleb (Greek, Latin), Khalev (Hebrew), Cal (Spanish), Kohlby (Scandinavian), Killip (Gaelic), and Kelby (German). Cay, Cal, and Cale are some common nicknames for Caleb.

Caleb is a popular name in the US, particularly among Christians who want to give a Biblical name to their baby. The moniker gained popularity in the late 60s and has remained so since then. It has found a place in the list of the top 100 popular names for boys for the past couple of decades. According to the data from the Social Security Administration, Caleb is the 51st most popular boy name in the US in 2021.

The name Caleb has grown in popularity since 2000, thanks to the success of popular TV shows “Middlemarch,” “The Desperate Housewives,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” where key roles were played by characters named Caleb.


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One faithful as a dog
English, Hawaiian
 C..  Ch..  Che..  Cal..  Cea..  Ceo..  Cle.. 

How To Pronounce Caleb?

Pronounced as key-lib

Famous People With The Name Caleb

  • Caleb HanieAmerican football player
  • Caleb Landry JonesAmerican actor and musician
  • Caleb BradhamAmerican pharmacist
  • Caleb McLaughlinAmerican actor
  • Caleb WilsonAmerican football player
  • Caleb DresselAmerican wrestler
  • Caleb SwaniganAmerican basketball player
  • Caleb EwanAustralian bicycle racer
  • Caleb OkoliItalian footballer
  • Caleb RowdenAmerican politician

Caleb On The Popularity Chart

Caleb has been a favorite choice among parents who want to give a unique moniker to their little ones. This name was in the list of top 100 baby boy names in the US for nearly three decades now.

Popularity Over Time

About 1000 parents picked this name for their babies in 1980 while it rose to about 11,000 in 2002. The name has consistently featured in the lists of the top names, reaching maximum popularity in the late 2000s.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name clocked its best ranking in 1983 and saw a downward trend in the following years. The name’s popularity started to gain impetus in 2007, and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Caleb

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