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Origin, Meaning and History of Callum

The ancient Dalriadan-Scottish name has its origins in the Scottish name MacCallum. It has been widely used in Scotland and is a favored name for boys. MacCallum has been derived from the Latin word “Columba,” which means ‘dove.’ However, the full form of the name was used up until the 17th century.

In different religions or traditions, the dove symbolizes the holy spirit and embodies true love, purity, peace, hope, and freedom. The name is also considered a variant of the American name Malcolm, which means a disciple of Columba.

The history of the name can be traced back to ancient Scotland. It commemorates Saint Columba or Columcille, an Irish abbot and missionary who was influential in spreading Christianity across Scotland. He, along with his twelve disciples, set up a church and a monastery on the island of Iona to jumpstart the transformation of Scotland. His teachings had a profound effect on Scottish culture and religion.

A few spelling variations of the name are Calum, Kallum, Callam, Callem, and Caelum. It can also be spelled as Colm or Colum in Irish. If you like the name, you may use nicknames such as Cal or Kal for your baby boy.

The name Callum has made its mark in the fictional world, ranging from video games to children’s books and shows. For example, Callum Clockwise is a character in the video game “Rascal” who sets out on an adventure to rescue his father from the evil time traveler Chronos.

Callum Hunt, a twelve-year-old boy gifted with magical powers, is the protagonist in the Magisterium Series, a five-book fantasy series written by famous fantasy writers Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

The Dragon Prince, a computer-animated fantasy series, depicts Prince Callum, a human who can tap into primal magic, setting out on a quest to find the Dragon Prince to end the war between elves, humans, and dragons.


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How To Pronounce Callum?


Famous People With The Name Callum

  • Callum Keith RennieA British-born Canadian actor known for his roles in shows like Due South and Battlestar Galactica
  • Callum TurnerA British actor and model, known for his role in the Fantastic Beasts series
  • Callum WilsonAn English professional footballer who plays striker for Newcastle United F.C.
  • Callum John SmithAn English professional boxer who held the WBA and Ring magazine super-middleweight titles (2018-2020)
  • Callum James FergusonAn Australian cricketer who has represented his country in international cricket matches

Callum On The Popularity Chart

The name has been trending since the 2000s. The graphs below can help you understand its popularity over the years.

Popularity Over Time

There has been a steady increase in the usage of this name since the 2000s. A sharp rise can be seen in the year 2021 with 1257 babies per million being named Callum.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The graph shows a fluctuation in the ranking of the name during the 20th century, and is gradually improving in the 21st century standing at rank 17,817 in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Callum

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