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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Camryn

Camryn is a unisex name of Scottish origin that was predominantly used for boys. It is a variation of the famous name and surname Cameron, which comes from Gaelic nicknames. The Scottish Gaelic words ‘cam sron’ meaning ‘bent or crooked nose,’ or ‘Cam abhainn’ meaning ‘crooked river,’ are thought to be the origins of the name Cameron.

The name Camryn, in particular, is a variant spelling of Cameron. According to traditional beliefs, Camerons were descendants of a Danish prince who aided the restoration of Fergus II, and their ancestor was called Cameron because of his crooked nose.

The common variants of Camryn for girls include Cameron, Camron, Kameron, and Kamryn. For boys, the variations include names such as Camerin, Cammeron, Camren, Camron, Camryn, Kameron, Kamran, Kamron, and Kamryn. The name also has some diminutives such as Cami, Cam, Cam-cam, Cammy, Kami, and Ryn, which can be used as adorable nicknames for both boys and girls.

In America, the name did not gain much popularity before 1997. However, after that, American actresses and singers bearing it may have boosted its popularity. As a result, many famous people chose this short and sweet name for their children. For instance, the basketball player Chris Paul and his wife, Jada Crawley, named their daughter Camryn Alexis Paul. Similarly, famous TV personality Jeremy Collins named her daughter Camryn Collins.

Camryn “Cam” Alicia Barnes, also called Apolla DuBaer, is a preppy teen with a Sun amulet in the American children’s fantasy novel series ‘Twitches.’ Ysa Penarejo portrays Camryn Coyle in the Netflix hit show ‘Project Mc2.’ These occurrences show that the name, although a derivative, still captures the parent’s interest.


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How To Pronounce Camryn?


Famous People With The Name Camryn

  • Camryn MagnessAn American pop singer known for joining One Direction on their Up All Night Tour in 2011
  • Camryn GrimesAmerican actress and the youngest winner of the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
  • Camryn ManheimAmerican actress and the winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for her role in The Practice
  • Camryn HarrisAmerican dancer and the former captain of Dancing Dolls from Season 3 until Season 5
  • Camryn JonesAn American actress known for starring as Tiffany Quilkin in Paper Girls

Camryn On The Popularity Chart

According to the US Social Security Administration, the name reached its peak of popularity in 1999, followed by an even greater peak in 2009. However, after that, its usage appears to have declined.

Camryn Popularity Over Time

The name was quite popular in the mid-2000s. However, from 2011 onward, its popularity has been decreasing, as can be viewed from the chart below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name rank was at its all-time high in 1980, but after that, the name’s popularity saw a downward trend reaching its lowest in 2007.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Camryn

Camryn has a modern and trendy feel, and the “ryn” ending gives it a unique twist. Here’s a list of similar-sounding names that connote a similar vibe.

Names With Same Meaning As Camryn

If you want to explore variations of Camryn, here’s a worthwhile list to check.

Name Numerology For Camryn

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