59 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KaasiKaashi name means From the Holy CityGirl
KacaKaca name means Descendant of the Vigilant OneUnisex
KaceKace means The Descendant of the VigilantUnisex
KaceeCeltic - Descendant of Cathasaigh; Descendant of the vigilant one; One who is alert and vigilant; A spelling variant of CaseyGirl
KaileighThe meaning of the name is Dance, GatheringGirl
KaillieThe name means Church, MonastaryGirl
KailyKaily means Social CelebrationGirl
KaleighThe name means Laurel, CrownGirl
KandraCeltic meaning is Greatest Chamion, Sanskrit meaning is the MoonshineGirl
KarstynThe name means Mossy PlaceGirl
KarsynKarsyn means From the MarshGirl
KatellKatell means PureGirl
KayciCeltic - Descendant of Cathasaigh; Descendant of the vigilant one; One who is alert and vigilant; A spelling variant of CaseyGirl
KaylanKaylan means SlenderUnisex
KayleneThe name means The place of a prayerGirl
KayseKaysee means Descendant of the One who is VigilantGirl
KeirKeir name means Dark-haired and Dark-skinned GirlGirl
KeiraKeira means Little Dark-haired WomanGirl
KeiranKeiran means The one that is Little and DarkGirl
KeithaKeitha means The Woman is a WarriorGirl
KelceyThe name means Victory shipGirl
KelciKelci means A Ship of VictoryGirl
KeliaKelia means WoodGirl
KelleneKellene means Church, MonasteryGirl
KelleshaThe name means Woman WarriorGirl
KelliKelli means LivelyGirl
KellieThe name means From the WoodGirl
KelseaKelsea means Island of Shipsunisex
KelseighThe name means Victorious ShipGirl
KenaiKenai means From the Clean WatersGirl
KendriaCeltic - High Summit; Greatest Champion; Blend of Ken and Sandra or AndreaGirl
KennadieKannadie means Head with an ArmorGirl
KennadyThe name means Ugly, Armored headGirl
KennedaleThe meanin gof the name is She comes from the ValleyGirl
KennediKennedi means Helmet on the HeadGirl
KenneraKennera means Woman LeaderGirl
KeristeKerishia means UnsulliedGirl
KeviaKevia means The Child is BeautifulGirl
KevinaKevina means Beautiful Young OneGirl
KevlynKevlyn She is Beautiful and YoungGirl
KeyaraKeyara means The Small One with Dark HairGirl
KheringtonThe name means She is Sprung from the FireGirl
KidadaKidada means Archer's BowGirl
KierynThe name means Black, DarkGirl
KinnaKinna means Winner, Great ChampionGirl
KioraKiora means A little and Dark Loved OneGirl
KwynThe name means Descendent of Conn, WisdomGirl
KylahKylah means VictorGirl
KyleaKylea means She who WonGirl
KyleeKylee means Victorious WomanGirl
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