99 Chamorro Baby Names With Meanings

Chamorro is an Austronesian language spoken by the indigenous people of Mariana Island, which is divided between the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in Micronesia and US territory of Guam. When you take a look at the names of Chamoru people, you’ll notice that they have a Spanish first name and a Chamorro second name. And on a closer look, you’ll find that almost every person has a unique second name. This lack of duplication implies that the Chamorus do not draw names from a collection of name words. But instead, pick and make names from the lexicon of daily language. Also, most of the names or words are not associated with any particular gender as it is in European countries.

Since the names are derived from everyday words, parents use them to convey any message they like. The names even describe the occasion or situation during which the child was born. While most of the Chamorro names have positive meanings, some even express hardship, striving, despair, and deprivation. Some names even revolve around basic needs such as the desire for food.

Another thing to note is that Chamorro people do not have surnames or family names. The given name is the official name of baptismal and the Chamorro name is used in day to day life.

Below MomJunction has compiled a list of authentic Chamorro names for your assistance. Take a look.

AbigailFather in rejoicingGirl
ActassiShare the seaBoy
AganaChamorro word for blood used as a name for baby girls.Girl
AmistaFidelity or loyaltyGirl
AmyDerived from Amee; they are beloved and nurturing oneGirl
AndyPrince Andrew; They are brave, unique and manlyUnisex
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AnnieVariation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer; GraceGirl
AtisaSomething which increases or is brighterGirl
AttauShe who hides herself.Girl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
BendisionHe who is blessed.Boy
BuyugoA flattererBoy
CadassiTo have something with the sea.Boy
CamarinShelterer or the protectorGirl
ChamiyuNot enough of youBoy
ChammangroNot enough windBoy
ChamorraA woman of the Chamoru people.Girl
CharfaulusSomething that isn't very smooth.Boy
CharguiyaNot enough of him.Boy
ChatagaNot enough chopping.Boy
ChatguemangroHe doesn't have enough windBoy
ChatongoHe who does not know enough.Boy
ChatpangonNot awake enoughBoy
ChirikaName of a birdGirl
ChubascaStorm at the seaGirl
DanielA ProphetBoy
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Ethanstrong or gift of the island.Boy
FetangisOne who cries a lot.Unisex
FrescaFresh, coolGirl
GamomoHe who loves battleBoy
HalomtanoJungle or forestBoy
HiraoAffection or emotionBoy
HobenOne who is youthful and vigorousBoy
HustoHe who is just, righteous.Boy
InaIlluminate, light upUnisex
IninaGlimmer of lightGirl
IraoA form of Hirao, meaning love or affection.Boy
IsaChamorro word for rainbow.Girl
JoshuaJoshua means God is SalvationBoy
KamiaKamia means She is like a FlowerGirl
KevinKevin means He is Born as Gentle ChildBoy
KurihiGuide, lead awayBoy
LangitHeaven or paradiseBoy
LangithA variant of name Langit meaning Sky, Heaven, Paradise, FirmamentBoy
LayacnaHis or her sailUnisex
LiamA worrior of strong willBoy
LoganMan from the hollowBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
MagahetOne who is honest, truthful.Boy
MahoyuA man who is strong and toughBoy
MaianaChamorro word for flower.Girl
MaipeFiery or hotBoy
MamaisaHe who likes being alone or solitaryBoy
MamesOne who is sweet or kind.Unisex
MapappaSomeone who has been detached or removedBoy
MatapangHe who is brave and spiritedBoy
MenhalomA man who is smart and intelligentBoy
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MichaelOne of the seven archangels of the GodBoy
NaileShe who is tall and slender.Girl
NapoWave or surfBoy
NaponaHis waveBoy
NenoChamorro term of endearment for boys.Boy
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
PaharitaLittle birdGirl
PoyoYoung chicken or cockerelBoy
QuipuhaThe quipuha tree found in Guam.Boy
SenoraChamorro word for lady.Girl
SerenataSerenade, evening musicGirl
SirenaChamorro word for mermaid.Girl
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SuetteLuck or good fortune. She who is lucky.Girl
SuettoHe who is freeBoy
SukoriAid or helpGirl
TadtaotaoOne who has no peopleBoy
TadtasiHaving no seaUnisex
TafayeHe who is not wiseBoy
TailayagNo sailBoy
TaitangaNot wished for.Unisex
TaitasiNo seaGirl
TasiA sea or an oceanUnisex
TasinaHis or her seaUnisex
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
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