46 Chamorro Baby Girl Names With Meanings


The Chamorro people are the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Islands indigenous people. And Chamorro girl names which are both phonetically and meaningfully unique, offer a peak into their beautiful culture. These indigenous people belonging to an island nation have limited interactions with the mainland due to natural barriers, and this has resulted in the development of a distinct dialect and set of customs and traditions. The indigenous traditions and dialects remained unhindered until the Spanish Conquistadors set upon the islands. These Spanish Colonists invaded the islands and resided there for approximately 300 years (1). All of these alterations brought about by external influences deeply impacted the indigenous inhabitants' naming system. For instance, name documentation was to be done according to Spanish custom, Christian names replaced indigenous names after Baptism, and American naming conventions were to be used (2). The introduction of Christianity by the Spanish led to native names being used as last names and the Baptism names as the first. However, after the Americans took control, the US Navy changed the naming system again, which led to the adoption of the common naming system we see today. Thus the order involved a first name, followed by a middle name, and the father’s family name as the surname. These Chamorro names usually possess a deep and profound meaning associated with natural and social elements the indigenous people witnessed. Some of the Chamorro names that can be potentially used for your little bundle of joy include names such as Maiana, meaning ‘flower,’ Paharita, meaning ‘little bird,’ and Suette, meaning ‘she who is lucky.’ Go ahead and check out the informative list of names that we have compiled to give you an idea of Chamorro names used today.

heart image Abigail Baby Girl Sign Girl Father's joy
heart image Amy Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; To love
heart image Andy Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Courageous; Enduring
heart image Annie Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Grace; Favor
heart image Ava Baby Girl Sign Girl Guarantee
heart image Emily Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking; Dilligent; Industrious person
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Mia Baby Girl Sign Girl Mine; Dear; Darling
heart image Olivia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Olive tree
heart image Sophia Baby Girl Sign Girl She who possesses great knowledge and wisdom
heart image Agana Baby Girl Sign Girl Chamorro word for blood
heart image Amista Baby Girl Sign Girl Fidelity; Loyalty
heart image Atisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Something which increases or is brighter
heart image Attau Baby Girl Sign Girl She who hides herself
heart image Camarin Baby Girl Sign Girl Shelterer or the protector
heart image Chamorra Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of the Chamoru people.
heart image Chirika Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a bird
heart image Chubasca Baby Girl Sign Girl Storm at the sea
heart image Erensia Baby Girl Sign Girl Heritage
heart image Fetangis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who cries a lot
heart image Fresca Baby Girl Sign Girl Fresh; Cool
heart image Guifi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dream
heart image Hanomtano Baby Girl Sign Girl Water-land
heart image Ina Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Illuminate; Home
heart image Inina Baby Girl Sign Girl Glimmer of light
heart image Isa Baby Girl Sign Girl Jesus
heart image Kamia Baby Girl Sign Girl She is like a flower
heart image Latasi Baby Girl Sign Girl Praise
heart image Layacna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sail
heart image Maiana Baby Girl Sign Girl Chamorro word for flower
heart image Mames Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is sweet or kind
heart image Matao Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Expert; Master
heart image Monaeka Baby Girl Sign Girl Doll
heart image Naile Baby Girl Sign Girl Tall and slender woman
heart image Paharita Baby Girl Sign Girl Little bird
heart image Puengi Baby Girl Sign Girl Night
heart image Senora Baby Girl Sign Girl Chamorro word for lady
heart image Serenata Baby Girl Sign Girl Serenade; Evening music
heart image Sirena Baby Girl Sign Girl Enchantress; Siren; Mermaid
heart image Suette Baby Girl Sign Girl Luck or good fortune; She who is lucky
heart image Sukori Baby Girl Sign Girl Aid or help
heart image Tadtasi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Having no sea
heart image Taitanga Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Not wished for
heart image Taitasi Baby Girl Sign Girl No sea
heart image Tasi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A sea; An ocean
heart image Tasina Unisex Baby Sign Unisex His or her sea

Chamorro girl names are unique and diverse in their own right. They have a deep and profound impact on the soul and should be given the importance they demand. Names like these have been rekindled and brought back into existence to revive lost cultures and traditions. These names testify that heritage cannot be lost and always carries profound importance. This compiled list of names will give you an idea of the names that the people of the Mariana Islands adorn in today’s day and age.

Infographic: Captivating Chamorro Baby Girl Names

The Chamorro people hail from the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. In the aftermath of colonization by the Spanish, this indigenous language faced numerous alterations. The traditions of these islands are beautiful and unique, as are the names assigned to the young. Read the infographic below to get a better idea of the potential Chamorro names that you can use for your little bundle of joy.

quaint chamorro names for your baby girl (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cute Chamorro baby girl names?

Some cute Chamorro baby girl names are Mia, which signifies a person dearly loved by everyone; Guifi, which means 'dream'; Inina, which represents a glimmer of light; and Isa, which stands for 'rainbow.'

2. Are there any famous Chamorro women whose names can be used for a baby girl?

Yes, there are some well-known Chamorro women, such as Maria Palomo Ada, the founder of Ada's Market and Guam's first millionaire. Elizabeth P. Arriola is a six-term Guam senator. Cecilia Cruz Bamba is a Guam senator who advocated for World War II reparations for the Chamorro indigenous people and secured $37 million in compensation for seized lands.

3. What are some Chamorro baby girl names with religious connotations?

Echa is a Chamorro baby girl name with religious connotations as it signifies 'to give a blessing.' It reflects the cultural heritage of the Chamorro people and emphasizes the importance of spirituality and divine favor.

4. What are some Chamorro baby girl names that are part of Guam's cultural heritage?

Chamorro baby girl names rooted in Guam's cultural heritage encompass meaningful connections. These names honor the Chamoru people, such as Chamorra, meaning 'woman of the Chamorro people'; Atisa, which signifies something brighter; and Amy, meaning 'beloved' or 'nurturing qualities.' These names celebrate the rich traditions and identity of the Chamorro community.


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