127 Chinese Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Chinese baby names imply strength, characteristics, and prosperity. The parents believe in choosing a harmonious name that helps bring good luck and prosperity to the child. They also follow some astrological rules to choose the right characters for naming the baby. Chinese baby boy names are equally remarkable as girl names, but they usually use gender qualities such as strength and vigor to find the best name.

If you are looking for Chinese baby boy names for the way you appreciate Chinese dialects such as Cantonese and Mandarin, or if you want to honor the cultural history, below is the list. Pick your favorite name from this collection to spark inspiration for your baby boy.

Li JieLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Jie means Heroic, OutstandingBoy
Li JunLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Jun means Talented, Handsome, King, RulerBoy
Li QiangLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Qiang means Strong, Powerful, EnergeticBoy
Li WeiLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoy
Liu WeiLiu means Kill, Destroy, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoy
Wang leiWang means King, Monarch, Lei means Thunder, Bud, or Pile of StonesBoy
Wang WeiWang means King, Monarch, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoy
Wang YongWang means King, Monarch, Yong means Brave, EternalBoy
Zhang WeiZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoy
Zhang YongZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Yong means Brave, EternalBoy
AnThe one who is gracious and satisfyingUnisex
BambangThe name means a knight or a soldier.Boy
BaoTo Order, To BidUnisex
BardeOne who Sings BalladsBoy
BartekSon of Talmai; Farmer's SonBoy
BartolomeoSon of a Farmer; Both Surname and Given Name; Farmer's SonBoy
BeaufortFrom the Beautiful FortBoy
BengtBlessed,to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holyBoy
BenjimenRight-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Son of the Right HandBoy
BenyaminJacob's Youngest Son; Son of the Right HandBoy
BerginSpear-like; Lives on the HillBoy
BerndtBrave Like a BearBoy
BertholdBrilliant Ruler; Bright Strength; Renowned LeaderBoy
BiaggioOne who stammersBoy
BimingAs clear as jade; a homestead provided for peopleBoy
BolinAn elder brother of the rainBoy
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
ChangAn unhindered spiritBoy
ChangeAdoption of a different routeBoy
ChaoThe one who surpassesUnisex
ChaunThe one who has financial and emotional securityBoy
ChenA great personalityBoy
ChengAn accomplished personUnisex
ChenricAmazing morningUnisex
CheungFortunate manBoy
ChinVariant of JinBoy
ChinaFilled with affectionUnisex
ChunThe spring season; the season of bloomsUnisex
ChungThe person who is wise and has deep understanding in various mattersBoy
CongIntelligent; one who has lots of wisdom and excels in every aspectUnisex
DelunOne who lays down order and gives justiceBoy
DingbangOne who protects his countryBoy
DishiA man of high virtueBoy
DisungA worthy and truthful personBoy
FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FaiChinesee name meaning beginningBoy
FanShort from Francis, a famous bearerBoy
FangA pen for sheepBoy
FengOne who is like a Phoenix. Also means mapleBoy
FuRefers to well to do and prosperous.Boy
GangHard, rigid or strongBoy
GuangLight, Guang will be the light for the other ones to guide and show the path.Boy
HaoChinesee - Good; PerfectBoy
HeA harmonu and peace th eriver bringsUnisex
HolwellLives by the Holy SpringBoy
HouOne who is a lord, a noblemanBoy
HuTiger; Vigorous; A Nature GodBoy
HuangBright yellowBoy
HysonChinesee - Flourishing spring; A name after an English tea merchantBoy
JiaJia means the outstanding, great person who is everyone's favorite.Unisex
JianJian the condition of being agreeable, sound, or upbeat.Boy
JiangJiang means the flowing river with a constant speed. Means a determind and contant person.Boy
Jiao-longLooks like a dragon; A scaled DragonBoy
JieChinesee - One who is Pure; ChasteBoy
JieiJiei is the variation of name Jie which means a prominent and succefull person.Boy
JigJig means quickly. A person with quick speed.Boy
JinChinesee - Gold; Metal; Money; Embroided; Bright; FerryBoy
JingChinesee - Essence, Perfect; Clear, Crystal; Capital CityBoy
Jing-shengChinesee - Born in the City; Born in BeijingBoy
Jonahit means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.Boy
Jordellpeople with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature. They look life in a unque way . They are bee-keeper or monk.Boy
Ju-longChinesee - Powerful and gigantic ; Strong and mighty like a dragonBoy
JuanGod is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.Boy
Judaalapeople with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature. They look life in a unque way . They are bee-keeper or monk.Boy
JunChinesee - Truth; Japanese - Obedient; Latin - Younger; Young ChildBoy
KailiKaili is the name of Hawaiian Deity, also means Beautiful and Victorious in CheneseUnisex
KangKang name means Health in CheneseBoy
KeungKeung name means UniverseBoy
KongKong means VoidBoy
KoshingStep by step upwardsBoy
KuengThe name means UniverseBoy
KunKun means UniverseBoy
KuoKuo means Vast in CheneseBoy
LeChinesee word for joyunisex
LeeHealer, the one with the power to healBoy
LiChinesee name meaning logicunisex
LiangA feeling of elevation; A light of lighrUnisex
LimChinesee name meaning forestBoy
LingA chime of the spirits, a soulUnisex
LokJoy in ChineseeBoy
LongA mythical creature, DragonBoy
LongweiDragon greatnessBoy
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