1092 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GalahadThe name of one of the Arthurian legends.Boy
GalantA dashing, cheerful and courageous personBoy
GalaxyThe great structure of the stars.Unisex
GalefridusA spontaneous and detail loving personBoy
GalenA healer, one who is calmUnisex
GalenoThe brightened child.Boy
GaleunThe city which is situated on a high place.Boy
GalfridThe concord of God.Boy
GalfridusOne who spreads peace; GodBoy
GalileoThe person who is from Galilee.Boy
GalilhaiA person who is unique and passiveBoy
GallName of an ancient saint.Boy
GallagherThe one who is very keen to support.Boy
GallantA name for high spirited and cheerful personBoy
GallcunA creative, passionate and patient beingBoy
GalleronA person who is extremely generous and passiveBoy
GallifreyRefers to fantastic or unreal.Unisex
GallowayOne who is a foreigner; of another landBoy
GalltonProprietor of an parkland.Boy
GallunSystematic and passive individualBoy
GallusOne of the fowls, rooster.Boy
GalmName of Thorvald's father.Boy
GaloAdult male chicken.Boy
GalofortA detailed and metriculous personBoy
GalogrinansAn interesting and analytical personBoy
GaltThe land full of timber.Boy
GaltonProprietor of a leasing land.Boy
GalusiePassive and easy going personBoy
GalvinRefers to tiny brownish European song bird.Boy
GalwayStrange Gauls; a city of IrelandBoy
GambaTortoise which lives in the water places.Boy
GambleRefers to an elderly person.Boy
GamelRefers to an old person.Boy
GamilGood looking or stunning.Boy
GamliOld or something old.Boy
GamomoHe who loves battleBoy
GandalfFairies or sprites.Boy
GangerA founder of Normandy.Boy
GanimedesA beautiful mortalBoy
GaninThe Boy who is fair in complexion and light colored hair.Boy
GaniruGood luckBoy
GanitDefender gavriel, man of godBoy
GanixGod is so merciful.Boy
GannOne who protects with a spear.Boy
GanoraA swelling white waveBoy
GanulfA person who has scientific and patient mindBoy
GarA short form of garethBoy
GaradenComes from the mountain which reflects as a triangle in shape.Boy
GaradinRefers to a fountain which has three points.Boy
GaradunA mountain which has three corners.Boy
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