1092 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GarrenIt means similar to GarryBoy
GarretPower of spear.Boy
GarrettDerived from Gerald (rule of the spear) or Gerard (brave and strong as spear)Boy
GarreyA hard or a bold spearBoy
GarrickOak spearBoy
GarridanThe one who keeps secrets within himself.Boy
GarrieOne of the weapons used in the battle field , spear.Boy
GarrikThe one who is expert in javelin throw.Boy
GarrinMeaning similar to GarryBoy
GarrittVariant of Gerald name, (who commands the people with the power of the spear)Boy
GarrmanPerson who is having the spear in his hands.Boy
GarronOne of the categories of horse.Boy
GarrottThe one who is good in handling spear.Boy
GarrowayThe person who is fighting with a javelin only.Boy
GarrsonJunior Gar or son of Gar (Spearman)Boy
GarrwoodThe forest or woodland which is full of green trees and bushes.Boy
GarryckThe one who is ruling the domain by the power of spear.Boy
GarrykPerson who is controlling with spear.Boy
GarryttOne who has the power of a spearBoy
GarsaOccupational name for a barber.Boy
GarsonSon of garBoy
GarsoneOne who was born to Gar, the man of spear.Boy
GarthThe keeper of the gardenBoy
GartherideOne who is the owner of a placeBoy
GarthriteOne who owns a place or enclosureBoy
GartonTriangle shaped landmark or place.Boy
GartrettOne who rules by the spear; attractiveBoy
GaruOne who is powerful like a spearBoy
GarvanAnglicized form of Garbhan (tiny rough one)Boy
GarvenVariant of Gerwin (Very close one to spear)Boy
GarveyPainful destiny or Excruciating fortuneBoy
GarvinComrade in battleBoy
GarvynClose mate who is in the midst of problems and difficulties.Boy
GarwenThe one who is excellent in handling spear.Boy
GarwigThe one who leads the battle with spear.Boy
GarwinOne who likes spear a lot.Boy
GarwoodRefers to the person who comes from evergreen woodland.Boy
GarwynThe one who keeps the spear always near him.Boy
GarwynnPerson who holds the spear very close to him.Boy
GaryA familiar form of GeraldBoy
GarysonJunior Gary or the son of Gary (spear)Boy
GarythHonest and tender care person.Boy
GasconFrom Gascony, one who belongs to Gascony.Boy
GasparSpanish and Portuguese accent of Jasper (Rich man)Boy
GaspardFrench from of Jasper (Rich in wealth)Boy
GaspareItalian pronunciation of Jasper (Wealthy person)Boy
GastonRefers to a visitor or outsider.Boy
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