1224 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

Hagleighenclosed meadow, together with grazing landBoy
HagleyFrom the hedged enclosureBoy
HaglyFrom the hedged enclosed spaceBoy
Hagoptranscription of HAKOBBoy
HahnRoaster, Cock, conceited,Boy
HaiderThe King of Jungle, LionBoy
HaiderbuxLoin power by blessingBoy
HaigFrom the enclosed fieldBoy
HaihayaThe Horse,Name of a race and a kingBoy
Haileesilage clearing, Hay woodsUnisex
Hainhawthorn treeBoy
HainesThe variation of HainBoy
HaisamStrong ManBoy
Haithamyoung eagleBoy
HaithemYoung HawkBoy
Haithumfamily name, variation of HaithamBoy
HaiuoenWelsh Boy namesBoy
HajarDerived from Hajara means abandoned, FlightBoy
HajariUesd in Africa,The one who takes flightBoy
HajeshThe Hindu Lord ShivaBoy
HajiPilgrimage, One who has Performed the HajjBoy
HajizCurtain, PartitionBoy
HajjajEye socket, Orbit,Orgument, debate, A rular of IraqBoy
HajjiVariation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to MeccaUnisex
Hajovariation of HagenBoy
HajveriAbul Hassan Ali Hajvari, Daata Ganj BakhshBoy
Hak-Kun (학쿤)One with literate roots.Boy
Hakaku (はくく)White CraneBoy
Hakamone of the names of Islamic God, The ArbitratorBoy
HakamatScholarship, Knowledgeable, WisdomBoy
HakanEmperor, ruler, Fire (USA), High-born(Scandinavian)Boy
HakeemWise, Intelligent, wisdomBoy
HakemRuler; GovernorBoy
HakeshLord of the SoundBoy
HakiJustice; Claim; Right; Privilege; Name of a SlaveBoy
HakimOne of God's Ninety-nine NamesBoy
HakoHighest number in the raceBoy
HakonEldest Son in the kinBoy
Haku (はく)White, Older brother (Japanese) lord, overseer in HawaiBoy
HakuePure Blessing (Buddhist)Boy
HalabHopefully fit (Indonesian), largest city in SyriaBoy
HalbartBrilliant HeroBoy
HalburtConqueror, Brave Man, SuparmanBoy
HaldoHighest in Race; Exalted SonBoy
Halewho lived in a corner, RobustBoy
HalebeorhtBright HeroBoy
HaleefAlly, Supporter, ConfederateBoy
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