1224 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

Haleemgentle, mild, forbearing, patientBoy
HaleighaHouse of the Rising SunBoy
HalfordValley FordBoy
HaliSea (Greek), A precious stone, A beginningBoy
HalifAlly; Confederate; One who Takes an OathBoy
HaligHoly, SaintlyBoy
HaligwiellaResides by Holy SpringBoy
Halimgentle, mild, patient, kind, indulgentBoy
HallKind, ForgivingBoy
HallajCotton RefinerBoy
HallasThe person exempt from the payment of taxexor rentBoy
HallbjornRock and hairBoy
HalldorThor's rockBoy
HalldórThe thunder god.Boy
HallewellHolly WellBoy
HalleyFrom the hall in the groveBoy
HallfordFrom the Valley FordBoy
HalliArmy, worrier, hqay clearingUnisex
HalliwellLives by the Holy WellBoy
HallseyFrom Hal's IslandBoy
HallsteinSettlement in a nookBoy
HallsyVariant of HalseyBoy
HallwardGuardian of the HallBoy
HalnathAn Anglo-Saxon nicknameBoy
HalomtanoJungle or forestBoy
HalseyAn island, neck of landBoy
HalsigFrom Hal's islandBoy
HamadullahThe Thanks Of Allah SwtBoy
HamamPeaceful nature, Brave, Leader of the nation, DoveBoy
Hamanmagnificent, Memorable, Noise, tumultBoy
Hamascourage, zeal, bravery and strengthBoy
HamasatEnthusiasm, ZealBoy
HamdoonWhich have been praised, An Islamic scholarBoy
HamedPraiseworthy, praiser (of the God)Boy
HameedullahServant of the All-laudableBoy
HamellVariation of HammilBoy
HamelstunFrom the Grassy EstateBoy
HameltonHome-lover's EstateBoy
HamgislA low-borns nicknameBoy
HamiDefender, Patron, Protector, Supporter, Show Favor, From SwahiliBoy
Hamidpraised, commendableBoy
HamirA RagaBoy
HamitArabic counterpart HamidBoy
HamizFirm, Vigorous, Summer, Intelligent, BrilliantBoy
HamletHouse or home, Prince of DenmarkBoy
HamlettFrom the Little HomeBoy
HamlynHome or HouseBoy
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