143 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter I

IakobGeorgian form of Jacob, meaning supplanterBoy
IanGod is graciousBoy
IarereTo descend, or the descendantBoy
IassenAsh treeBoy
IccauhtliThe younger brother.Boy
IchtacaNahuatl word for secret.Unisex
IcnoyotlNahuatl word for friendship.Unisex
IdogbeOne who is born after twins.Boy
IdrisLord of StudiousUnisex
IehohapataThe Lord judgesBoy
IeniGod is gracious and mercifulBoy
IetepereChaste, or unmarriedBoy
IfeLove, someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved.Boy
IfeanyichukwuGod is most powerful or no one is greater than God.Boy
IfechiThe light of God.Boy
IfechukwudeWhat God has written.Boy
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IfelewaThe beautiful love.Boy
IfemyolunnaWhat I asked of the lord.Boy
IgalâĸGreenlandic word for window.Boy
IgalikoAbandoned hearth, fireplaceBoy
IgberaharhaThe poor take the blameBoy
IgdlaoĸFetus of a whale or a sealBoy
IggiánguapalukDear sweet little throatBoy
IggiánguaĸSweet little throatBoy
IghomuedafeMoney intoxicates the wealthyBoy
IghovavwerheThere is joy in richesBoy
IgimaĸForeshaft of a harpoonBoy
ÎgiteGreenlandic form of Egede, meaning oak.Boy
IgitioluwotilaiyeThe tree of God is rooted and strong.Unisex
IgnácFiery, alightBoy
IgnacijSlovene form of Ignatius. It means fire.Boy
IgnasioVariation of Ignacio which means FieryBoy
IgnâtiuseGreenlandic form of Ignatius. It means fiery one.Boy
IgorA man protected by God.Boy
IhaiaGod is salvationBoy
IhakaHe will laughBoy
IhanGod's graceBoy
IhuGod rescuesBoy
IhuicatlNahuatl word for sky.Unisex
IisajaGreenlandic variant of Îsaia. It means God is salvationBoy
IkaroaThe long part of a fishUnisex
IkechukwuThe power of God.Boy
IkenasioIkenasio is a form of Ignatius. It means fiery one.Boy
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