72 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

LabrencisLatvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.Boy
LadoShort form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous rulerBoy
LadonName of a River GodBoy
LakepiA rugby playerBoy
LamaniTongan word for lemon.Boy
LangitHeaven or paradiseBoy
LaomedonThe one who governs .Boy
LaoransBretons for of Lawrence, meaning from LaurentumBoy
LarsaName of a Sumerian city in southern Iraq.Unisex
LâsaruseGreenlandic form of Lazarus. It means my God has helped.Boy
LaurentiuRomanian form of Laurentius, meaning laurel.Boy
LaurisVariant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LautaroSwift hawk, daringBoy
LayacnaHis or her sailUnisex
LeaviVariation of Levi which means Joined or AttachedBoy
LeenartLion or brave as a lion.Boy
LeifrA variant of Leifur, meaning heir.Boy
LeifurHeir or successor.Boy
LeiðolfrChief wolf.Boy
LeksShort form of Leksik. It means defender of men.Boy
LeksikEstonian form of Alexander. It means defender of menBoy
LeksoLekso is a nickname for Leksik. It means defender of men.Boy
LenartSlovene form of Leonard, meaning lion.Boy
LeocharisLion's grace.Boy
LeolucaThe name is a combination of Leo or Leone with Luca.Boy
LeonhardsLatvian form of Leonard. It means lion.Boy
LeonnatosOne who is dashing like the lion.Boy
LeosA form of Leo, meaning lion.Boy
LerouxThe red haired one.Boy
LethaboHappiness, RejoiceUnisex
LeutrimBrave, full of braveryBoy
LevanGeorgian form of Leon, meaning lionBoy
LichuenLight, the one who spreads light.Unisex
LigongoA Brazilian term meaning who is this.Boy
LikemEstablish meUnisex
LitoPeasant settlementBoy
LiuniSicilian form of Leo, meaning lion.Boy
LjiljanLily flowerBoy
LjuboPeace and love.Boy
LjubomirOne who loves peace.Boy
LliamVariation of Liam which means Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of WilliamBoy
LocrynCornish form of Locrinus. It's the name of a region in southeastern Britain.Boy
LojzeShort form of Alojz, meaning he who is famous in war or battle.Boy
LorencioA form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
LotachukwuRemember GodBoy
LotannaRemember the father or the GodBoy
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