175 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MaakaMaaka is the Maori version of Mark. It means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MabayojeYoruba term meaning do not destroy joy.Boy
MacedoniaAdoration or burningBoy
MacerioA blessed soul.Boy
MadernOne who is lucky and fortunateBoy
MadonudenuMy confidence is in Him (God)Boy
MaeretA form of Margaret;Pearl; Little Famous OneBoy
MagahetOne who is honest, truthful.Boy
MahogñaHe is thirstyBoy
MahoyuA man who is strong and toughBoy
MahuizohA glorious personUnisex
MaicoOne who is strong, strengthBoy
MaipeFiery or hotBoy
MajekodunmiDo not let it be a thing of pain.Boy
MakafuiI will praise HimBoy
MakaretaMakareta is the Maori form of Margareta. It means pearl.Unisex
MakariOld Greek - Blessed; Derived from the element 'makaros' with the meaning blessedBoy
MákoĸGreenlandic form of Marcus, meaning from Mars.Boy
MaksimsThe greatestBoy
Mal-ChinPersists to endBoy
MaleraĸThe one you follow, friendBoy
MalikeI will be establishedBoy
MalkhazBeautiful, elegant, youthfulBoy
MalkunoLittle princeBoy
MalohiStrength, a strong man.Boy
MaltheFrom the word Helmold, which means PowerBoy
MamaisaHe who likes being alone or solitaryBoy
MamaniThe earthBoy
MamesOne who is sweet or kind.Unisex
MamukaLittle fatherBoy
Man-ShikDeeply rooted into something.Boy
Man-YoungTen thousand years of prosperity.Boy
ManaakiTo cherish, conserve and sustainBoy
MancioA soothsayer or one who foretells the future.Boy
ManfordProtected ford; A variant of name Mundford which is a place name from NorfolkBoy
ManfrediSicilian form of Manfred. It means strength peace or peaceful.Boy
MannevilleFrom the great estateBoy
ManoelManoel is the Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning God is with us.Boy
MapappaSomeone who has been detached or removedBoy
MarcarioBless, blessed by GodBoy
MarcellinMarcellin is a form of Marc and means from Marcus or refers to the Roman god of war.Boy
MarcellinoMaori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.Boy
MarcuA form of Marcus, meaning God of war.Boy
MarghMargh is Cornish form of Mark and means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MargusA variant of Margus, meaning from Mars.Boy
MarijanSlovene form of Marianus, meaning male.Boy
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