87 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter P

PachuaFeathered water snakeBoy
PalakhA workerBoy
PällLittle or humble.Boy
PamilekunayoOne who brings tears of joy.Boy
PanayiotisPanayiotis is a variant of Panagiotis and means all holy.Boy
PaolBretons form of Paul, which means small or humbleBoy
ParmenionThe descendant of Parmenon.Boy
PartaitThe one who is perfectBoy
PascaliA form of Pascal, meaning born on Easter.Boy
PascoalA variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.Boy
PascowA variant of Pascal, meaning Easter.Boy
PasilioPasilio is a form of Basil and means royal or kingly.Boy
PaskalA variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.Boy
PauluSicilian variant of Paul, meaning small or humble.Boy
PausaniasName of a Spartan king. It means grief or sorrow.Boy
PavaoCroatian form of Paul, meaning small or humble.Boy
PavilsLatvian variant of Paul, meaning little or humble.Boy
PavleGeorgian form of Paul, meaning small or humbleBoy
PeetRock or stoneBoy
PeeterPeeter is a form of Peter and means rock or stone.Boy
PeithonThe one who persuades.Boy
PelenatoPelenato is the variant of Bernard. It means one who is brave, hardy and strong.Boy
PendragonCheif DragonBoy
PenetiketoPenetiketo is the Tongan form of Benedict. It means blessed.Boy
PenkoBulgarian diminutive of Peter, meaning rock.Boy
PeranLittle dark one.Boy
PerigBretons diminutive of Per, meaning stoneBoy
PeroOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pedro; A form of PeterBoy
PeterisSon of Peter.Boy
PetrovA form of Peter. It means rock.Boy
PetruccioA form of Peter. It means stone.Boy
PetrusOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pero; A form of PeterBoy
PetrusoUkrainian form of Petra, meaning stone.Boy
PéturIcelandic form of Peter. It means rock.Boy
PeukestasOne who is sharp.Boy
PhaedonasOld Greek - Bright; Shining; A variant of name Phaidros;Boy
PhaedronOld Greek - Bright; Shining; A variant of name Phaidros;Boy
PhilipposOld Greek - Lover of Horses; Friend of horses; Horse Lover; Derived from the Greek philos or philema;Boy
PhilonOld Greek - Beloved; Dear most; Loved one; Derived from the words 'Philein' which means to loveBoy
PhilotasAncient Greek word for friendship.Boy
PhiloxenosFriend of strangersBoy
PhinnaeusVariation of Phineas or OracleBoy
PierrickBretons form of Peter, meaning rock or stoneBoy
PiliSecond childBoy
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