68 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RabbuThe almightyBoy
RadimHappiness and peace.Boy
RadimirJoyful and peace.Boy
RadkoA happy manBoy
RadosHappy gloryBoy
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RadutRadut is a form of the Romanian Radu and means happy.Boy
RadutuA happy man.Boy
RafaelleVariation of Rapahel which means God has healedBoy
RagnulfAdviser wolf, warriorBoy
RaimondsA form of Raymond, meaning guards wisely.Boy
RaiquenAnother name for night bird.Boy
RalfsA variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.Boy
RangiSky, or god of the skyBoy
RapataBright fameBoy
RâsemûseGreenlandic form of Rasmus, meaning beloved.Boy
RasvanRasvan is a variant of Razvan and means bringer of good news.Boy
RatimirPeaceful war or battleBoy
RauðrA town or village, or the color red.Boy
RawiriBeloved, one who is loved by everyoneBoy
RaykoBulgarian variant of Radko. It means happy or willing.Boy
RaynoBulgarian variant of Radko, meaning happy or willing.Boy
RefrA fox in Icelandic language.Boy
RemilekunStop my grief.Boy
RemzijaAllegoric, symbolic speechBoy
RenoufAdviser wolfBoy
RereloluwaGod is good all the time.Boy
ReynartA brave and strong man or counselor.Boy
RicharzhBretons form of Richard, meaning brave rulerBoy
RihardSlovene form of Richard, meaning 'powerful or hardy ruler'.Boy
RihardsLatvian form of Richard, meaning ruler.Boy
RiithoKenyan term meaning an eye to see with.Boy
RikkartBrave rulerBoy
RikkertVariation of Richard, meaning a powerful ruler.Boy
RikkeyRiky is Estonian form of Rick and means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RiksRiks is a short form of Riky and means powerful and strong ruler.Boy
RikyRiky is Estonian form of Rick. It means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RimiggiuSicilian form of Remy, meaning oarsman.Boy
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverUnisex
RoburtsBright fameBoy
RodgersVariation of Roger, meaning famous spearman.Boy
RoelandFamous landBoy
RokRok is equivalent to the Italian name Rocco. It means 'rest'.Boy
RokoCroatian form of Rocco, meaning rest.Boy
RolliHe who is famous throughout the land.Boy
RonecHe who is from royal and noble lineageBoy
RongoPeace, peace loving peopleUnisex
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