602 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaamelGod has heardBoy
SalesiSalesi is the Tongan form of Charles. It means man.Boy
SalibaAssyrian word meaning cross.Boy
SalomãoOne who likes peace, peaceableBoy
SamaelName of the mythological archangel, it means Blindness of God or Venom of God or Poison of GodBoy
SamoDiminutive of Samuel, meaning told by God.Boy
SamzunSun child or little sunBoy
Sang-OokOne who is always well and healthy.Boy
SangodeleThe God of thunder has come.Boy
SansSaintly, holyBoy
SapeleA boy who is born in SapeleBoy
SardisA Biblical name, meaning prince of joy.Boy
SareolaOne who is walking towards getting healthy.Boy
SashoBulgarian diminutive of Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.Boy
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or RedUnisex
SeadFortunate, happyBoy
SeainGod is graciousBoy
SebastijanSlovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.Boy
SeignourLord of the manorBoy
SeletuteSeletute is a form of Gertrude. It means strong spear.Boy
SeleukosTo be light or to be white.Boy
SemisiSemisi is a form of James. It means supplanter.Boy
SeniName of the king of Dayani.Boy
SennetWise and sagacious man.Boy
Seo Joon (서준)Seo means auspicious, Joon means handsomeBoy
SeokLike a rockBoy
SeppoEstonian form of Sebastian, meaning venerable.Boy
SerbanSomeone from Serbia.Boy
SergheiRomanian version of the name Sergey, meaning protector or shepherd.Boy
SergiuA form of Serghei, possibly sergeant.Boy
SeungSuccessor or winningBoy
SeveruSeveru is obtained from Severus and means stern.Boy
ShabehA weekBoy
ShakaleThe almightyBoy
ShamashThe sunBoy
ShamounA form of Simon. It means he has heard.Boy
SharroA man in a high religious position.Boy
SharukinTrue kingBoy
SholtoOld Gaelic name meaning a Teal DuckBoy
ShoyebiA word used for wizards who wards off the evil.Boy
ShylohVariation of Shiloh which means TranquilUnisex
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