602 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

Si Woo (시우)Si means begin or start, Woo means divine intervention, protection or rainBoy
SiaosiSiaosi is a form of George. It means farmer.Boy
SidoniusOne who comes from an ancient city of SidonBoy
SiebeA variant of Sebe, meaning victory.Boy
SigeredHe who gives a counsel that brings victoryBoy
SigqiboOne who has a sense of responsibility and has clever mindBoy
SigredaA wise councel that brings victoryBoy
SigsteinA stone victory, a victory written in the stoneBoy
SigurdA victorious protectrorBoy
SigurdurHe who is a victorious defenderBoy
SigvardA protector who is victoriousBoy
SigwaltOne who is a ruler of many victoriesBoy
SijuwadeA man who is destined for greatness.Boy
SilasOf the forestBoy
SilerOne who makes ropes for livingBoy
SilimanA happy man with good fortuneBoy
SilsbyOne who comes from teh Sill's farmBoy
SilvainHe who is from the forestBoy
SilvanHe who is from the woodsBoy
SilvanoHe who lives in the woodsBoy
SilverioOne who loves trees and forestBoy
SilvesterA man of the forestBoy
SilvestreHe is a man of the forestBoy
SilvestroA person of the woodsBoy
SilviaWooded, forestUnisex
SilvijnA man who is of the forestBoy
SilvinoHe is a man from the forestBoy
SilvioHe who loves the woodsBoy
SilviuRomanian variant of Silvius, meaning forest or woods.Boy
SimanOne who i perceivedBoy
ŠimeCroatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.Boy
SimelaName of an Assyrian cityBoy
SimeonOne who obeys what he hearsBoy
SimiliniAn innocent, lonely, insightful and idealistic beingBoy
SimilinosA lovable, serious minded and reasonable personBoy
SimiloluwaRest in the Lord.Boy
SimionRomanian form of Simeon, meaning to listen.Boy
SimkyOne who is an amazing listener and oratorBoy
SimmeOne with the mind of a victorBoy
SimoOne who hears and listensBoy
SimondA Son of Simon, a son of the one who listensBoy
SimoneOne who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in ItalyUnisex
SimoniGeorgian variant of Simon, which means he has heardBoy
SimpsonA surname, means the son of Simon (he has heard)Boy
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