602 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SimsonSimon's son, son of the one who has heardBoy
SimuOne who listens intently.Boy
ŠimunCroatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.Boy
SinOne like bushBoy
SinaA blessed childBoy
SinbadTo be a PrinceBoy
SincerelyA word name, meaning to be candid, sincereUnisex
SincerityA state of honesty and truthfulnessUnisex
SinclairOne who works very hardBoy
SinclaireA name of a prayer, one who praysUnisex
SindreOne who is small and trivial. Also means a sparkling oneBoy
SindriHe who splarklesBoy
SinjinOne who believes God is graciousBoy
SinquaOne who is desirable and has focusBoy
SioA capable, a sting or charm; attracts lifeUnisex
SionOne who is gracious like GodBoy
SioneA Tongan form of John, meaning God is graciousBoy
SionnHe who is cunning like a foxBoy
SiredA counsel that brought victoryBoy
SiriusOne who is burning. A name of the Dog StarBoy
SiroA man who is glowingBoy
SivanThe ninth monthBoy
SivertA peacuful victoryBoy
SiwardHe who protects and guards with his victoriesBoy
SiwardusTo guide with one's victoriesBoy
SixtenA victory firm as a stoneBoy
SixtoA person who is courteousBoy
SiyabongaWe are thankful or gratefulBoy
SkeatA surname, meanin a man who is swiftBoy
SkeetTo be SwiftBoy
SkeeterA very fast and rapid, swift manBoy
SkeetsA son of a swift manBoy
SkeltonOne who comes from the ledge of the estateBoy
SkenderRomanian form of Alexandros, meaning defender of mankind.Boy
SketeTo be swift, fast and rapidBoy
SketesThe son of a swift, fast, rapid manBoy
SkipOne who is the captain of the seaBoy
SkippOne who a marinerBoy
SkipperOne who is a captain of the shipBoy
SkippereOne who is a skipper, a marineBoy
SkiptonOne who comes from the town of sheepsBoy
SkjöldolfrThe protector wolf.Boy
SkotteOne who is a wanderer from ScottishBoy
SkuleOne who likes to remain hiddenBoy
SkydenHe who is a scholarBoy
SkyelarHe who is an academicBoy
SkylahA person who is an intellectual, a scholarBoy
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