602 Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SkylanOne who loves learning, an academicUnisex
SkylarThe isle of skyeUnisex
SkylerTo be interested in education, a scholarUnisex
SkylorOne who is an academicBoy
SladeHe who is from the valleyBoy
SladefieldA man from the fieldBoy
SlaedTo be from the valleyBoy
SlaidA person who comes from the valleyBoy
SlaideHe comes from the fieldBoy
SlateA fine-grained gray, blueish or green rockBoy
SlaterOne who is a slate makerBoy
SlatonHe who is from the farm in the valleyBoy
SlavaPerson of fameBoy
SlavcoOne who brings glory to the family.Boy
SlavenFrom a serbian; croatian word "slava", means GloryBoy
SlavikOne who finds glory in the armyBoy
SlavomírGlory and peaceBoy
SlawekHe is a glorious oneBoy
SlawomirHe who brings the glorious peaceBoy
SlaydeHe who is from teh deep valleyBoy
SlaydenTo be from the field, valleyBoy
SlaytonOne who is from the farm near the valleyBoy
SleanHe who strikesBoy
SleddaAn old English name, meaning a valleyBoy
SlidenAn inquisitive, pleasant and restless naturedBoy
SlimA thin, slender personUnisex
SloanOne with the nature of a warrior, a fighter in heartBoy
SloaneHe is a warrior in heartBoy
SlobodanA man who is freeBoy
SloneTo be a warriorBoy
SlyShort from Silvester. The name means a man of the forestBoy
SmedleighHe who is from the flat valleyBoy
SmedleyFlat meadowBoy
SmedlyOne who comes from the flat landsBoy
SmetheleahA person who is from the flat landsBoy
SmittyAn occupational name - he who is a blacksmithBoy
SmiðrA smith in Icelandic language.Boy
SmythHe who is a good soldierBoy
SmytheA nickname of a soldier, a warriorBoy
SnarocAn Old Medieval name, meaning one who cares for somethingBoy
SnowdenA man who comes from the snowy hillsBoy
SnowdonOne from the hill where the snow stays longBoy
SnowyTo be of snow, snowyUnisex
SnytraOne who is a shepardBoy
SobeslavGlory for oneselfBoy
SobìslavAppropriate gloryBoy
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