10084 Christianity Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AbriaIn Celtic it means Strength or power. In Hebrew it means Father of manyGirl
AbrianaFemale variant of Abraham that means father of multitudeGirl
AbriannaMother of many nationsGirl
AbriellaOne who is derived from God or the pillar of strengthGirl
AbrielleA woman of God, or a woman from GodGirl
AbriendaThe opening or the inaugurationGirl
AbscoOne with an inventive mind.Girl
AbsideeOne who impresses others and is elegantGirl
AbuyaOne who was born when the garden was overgrown.Girl
AcaciaThe wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacleGirl
AcadiaThe land that have plenty, the land of plentyGirl
AcanthaA thorn or a sharp-pointed objectGirl
AccaThe mother of all GodsGirl
AccaliaOne who is the mother of GodsGirl
AccursiaFeminine form of Accursio, meaning to hasten.Girl
AceOne, one unitUnisex
AcelaA flower from the God or the ash treeGirl
AcelinA noble girl or a girl who born in high status homeGirl
AcelinaA noble person from heavenGirl
AcelineA woman who is noble.Girl
AcelynnA girl who is born in noble homeGirl
AchaThe holly bushes or plantsUnisex
AcheflowWhite flowerGirl
AchiengOne born during the day time.Girl
AdahAdornment or ornamentGirl
AdalbjorgNoble protection.Girl
AdalgisaNoble hostageGirl
AdalheidisNoble kind, of the noble sort.Girl
AdalindaNoble SerpentGirl
AdankwoOne born on fourth day.Girl
AdaomaA good and virtuous lady.Girl
AdaoraDaughter of allGirl
AdashaNoble or exaltedGirl
AddilynnDerived from Adele meaning Noble or NobilityGirl
AdefolakeYour wealth supports us.Girl
AdeladeNoble kind, of the noble sortGirl
AdelgondaOne who is a noble warriorGirl
AdelgondeA noble woman, warriorGirl
AdelindNoble SerpentGirl
AdelineNoble or nobilityGirl
AdelineA variant of Adela, meaning noble.Girl
AderiyikeThe pampered crown.Girl
AdolfaThe feminine version of Adolf, meaning 'noble wolf'.Girl
AdongoThe second of twins.Girl
AdreyDerived from Audrey which means noble strengthGirl
AdrijanaCroatian variant of Adriana, meaning from Adria.Girl
AdyelyaBulgarian form of Alice, meaning of the nobility.Girl
Ae-Cha (애차)A loving daughterGirl
AegileifDaughter of Hrolf Helgason.Girl
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