1358 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

CammiShe is very nobleGirl
CammieShe is a flowerGirl
CammyShe is a priest's helperGirl
CampbellShe has a crooked mouthGirl
CamylleA virgin with a pure characterGirl
CanberraA meeting place, name of the capital city of AustraliaUnisex
CancianaOne belonging to Anzio, Italy.Girl
CandOne who dazzles like bright and glowing lightGirl
CandaceA pure and sincere womanGirl
CandasaA woman of clarityGirl
CandelaShe burns like a candleGirl
CandelariaShe is like a candleGirl
CandeloraA form of Candelaria, meaning candle.Girl
CandessA little candleGirl
CandiOne who glows brightGirl
CandiaShe glows whiteGirl
CandiceA sparkling, glowing womanGirl
CandidaShe is white and brightGirl
CandideWhite glowing, sweet thingGirl
CandieBright glowing thingGirl
CandilaHer glow is whiteGirl
CandisWoman who is pure and honestGirl
CandleA word name, candleGirl
CandrilaShe is one from the ashesGirl
CandyA white. pure and honest womanGirl
CandyceA Queen MotherGirl
CanelaShe is like a cinnamonGirl
CannaShe is a reedGirl
CantaA beautiful songGirl
CantarellaA name of the deadly posionGirl
CanyonA very large ravine, a canyonGirl
CanzadaA settlement; pure, nonchalant and generousGirl
CaoilainnA slender and fair womanGirl
CaoimheA precious and gentle ladyGirl
CapekaA little stork.Girl
CapellaA little feminine goatGirl
CapriA place in ItalyGirl
CaprianaA woman from place CapriGirl
CapricaShe who is from Capri, ItalyGirl
CapriceA fanciful, capricious personGirl
CapriciaAn erratic, capricious womanGirl
CapucineA woman who wears a hoodGirl
CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and JulietUnisex
CaraA dear one, a dear ladyGirl
CarafA feeling of loveGirl
CaraghTo love someoneGirl
CarahA beloved girlGirl
CaralOne who is freeGirl
CaraleenA very beloved womanGirl
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