435 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FabiaA woman who is bean farmerGirl
FabianaA little woman who farms beansGirl
FabianneA weoman who grows beansGirl
FabienneA lady of the bean farmGirl
FabiolaA girl who grows beansGirl
FableName means a story.Unisex
FabrianaA woman who is craftyGirl
FabriziaA woman with crafty handsGirl
FadekunmiAdd crown to me or add crown for me.Girl
FaeA confident woman who believes in herselfGirl
FaelaOne who is beautiful like a daybreakGirl
FaeleOne who is like dawnGirl
FaelynnW woman who is like a beutiful fairyGirl
FaerieShe who is like a little fairyGirl
FaerrleahShe looks likea a fairyGirl
FaidraA happy and funny womanGirl
FaihA trust or beliefGirl
FairamayA fair maidenGirl
FairleyOne who is from the yellow meadowGirl
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairyA magical creatureGirl
FaithA trust or a beliefeGirl
FaitheShe who is faithfulGirl
FaldaWith folded wings.Girl
FalineA catlike girlGirl
FallynShe who is in chargeGirl
FamkeLittle girlGirl
FanakaProsperity or successGirl
FanceenOne who is freeGirl
FanchonOne with freedomGirl
FancyA free womanGirl
FaniaLatin name meaning freeGirl
FanndísSnow woman or snow goddess.Girl
FanniShe who is greeGirl
FanniaDiminutive of francesGirl
FannieShe who is freeGirl
FannyA free girlGirl
FantasiaA fantasyGirl
FantinaOne who acts like a childGirl
FantineAn infantGirl
FarahildeTraveling, battleGirl
FarajaComfort, relief or rest.Girl
FarashuuKenyan word for butterflyGirl
FarenA person who loves adventureGirl
FarfallaShe is like a butterflyGirl
FargoA person who comes from the fenced pastureUnisex
FariA light haired womanGirl
FaricaA very calm leaderGirl
FarinAn adventurous personUnisex
FarraA pleasant and lovely girlGirl
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