435 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FelicittiA little luckGirl
FelicityA woman with good luck and fortuneGirl
FelienneA gracious woman of good luckGirl
FelinaA cat-like womanGirl
FelipaWoman who is friends with horsesGirl
FelisaA lucky and successful ladyGirl
FelisbertaAn intelligent and wise womanGirl
FeliseShe is luckyGirl
FelishaAn American version a Felcia, meaning happiness and luckGirl
FelisiaTo have luck in lifeGirl
FelitaShe is blessed with luckGirl
FelixaA woman who is blessed eith good fortune and luckGirl
FelizShe is fortunateGirl
FeliziaShe is very luckyGirl
FellishaAn American girl name meaning happyGirl
FemkeA little gilGirl
FemmaShe is the peaceGirl
FemmotaOne who speaks and talks wellGirl
FenellaOne with fair, white shouldersGirl
FenisiaA color, a purplish redGirl
FenjaPeace, protection, safetyGirl
FenmoreA very dear loveUnisex
FennaA feeling of peaceGirl
FenneA form of Fenja, meaning peace and protectionGirl
FennekePeace, protection, safetyGirl
FennellOne who lives near the fernsGirl
FeoShe is the gift of GodsGirl
FeodoraShe who is a gift of heavenGirl
FeodosiaA gift of the godGirl
FerdaOne who lives near rhe alder treesGirl
FerdinandaA woman on a brave journeyGirl
FerdinandeShe who is on a daring journeyGirl
FerminaA woman's strenghtGirl
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
FernaA woman who likes shade like a fernGirl
FernandaAn adventurous girl travelerGirl
FernandeAn adventurous travelerGirl
FernanditaA young and bold voyagerGirl
FerneA woman who loves fernsGirl
FerrariAn occupational name, meaning a blacksmithUnisex
FerrynOne who enjoys adventureGirl
FetangisOne who cries a lot.Unisex
FeyisayoUse this as joy.Girl
FeyisetanA Yoruba term meaning use this as history.Girl
FeyisolaA girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her, my blessing.Girl
FflurA welsh verion of flora, meaning like a flowerGirl
FharlyOne from a here meadowGirl
FhazaarOne who is like a nightingaleGirl
FiaOne who makes a dark peace. Also, means daughter in ItalianGirl
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