630 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter G

GaOne who tills and is a farmerGirl
GabbieA nice girl of GodGirl
GabbsA detail loving person who is conservativeGirl
GabbyFrom the name gabrielleGirl
GabelaA confident and determined woman.Girl
GabiFrom the name gabrielaGirl
GabieA woman of GodGirl
GabijaRefers to hide or protect.Girl
GabriannaGod gives me strength.Girl
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrieliA form of Gabriele, meaning God is my heroGirl
GabriellHeroine of GodUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielleGod is my strengthGirl
GabrijelaA variant of Gabrielle, meaning Woman of God.Girl
GabyFrom the name gabrielleGirl
GaeRefers to delightful or blissful.Girl
GaeaRefers to the ground or universe.Girl
GaegaA topographic name; hill and streamGirl
GaelRefers to an unknown person or visitor.Girl
GaelaThe girls who made her father happy by her birth.Girl
GaelanA person who has firm mindGirl
GaelleAnother name for Celtic people.Girl
GaelynA Girl with a peaceful mindGirl
GaenaOne who loves nature and out doorUnisex
GaenorThe one who is pure, honest and easy going person.Girl
GaetanaThe person who originally comes from Gaeta, Italy.Girl
GaetaneGaeta is the native place.Girl
GageOf the pledgeUnisex
GaiRefers to merry or easy going.Girl
GaiaRefers to the planet where human being can be lived.Girl
GaianaUniverse or world.Girl
GaigeOf the pledgeUnisex
GailMerry, livelyGirl
GailaRefers to the person who is happy and merry.Girl
GailynRefers to a visitor or guest.Unisex
GainellThe one who is bliss and glittering.Girl
GakeriA small muscle. A variant of Gakere.Girl
GalMeaning wave; creative and practicalUnisex
GaladrielDamsel crowned with a precious crown.Girl
GalateaResembles the color white as milk.Girl
GalatiaPure white as milk.Girl
GalaxieUltimate system of the heavenly bodies.Girl
GalaxyThe great structure of the stars.Unisex
GaleThe one who is delighted and happy.Girl
GaleaRefers to a fountain or a rock.Girl
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