551 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter H

Ha Eun (하은)Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Eun means Kindness, Mercy, Charity, and can also mean Silver, MoneyGirl
Ha Rin (하린)Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Rin means Female unicornGirl
Ha Yoon (하윤)Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Yoon means Allow or ConsentGirl
HaadiyaOne that guides towards righteousness, tranquil, calm.Girl
HaadyaVery well behaved, well manneredGirl
HaafizaProtector, defender, to shieldGirl
HaajarSolid as a stoneGirl
HaalaLunar HaloUnisex
HabibehPopular, admired, well liked by everyoneGirl
HabikaSweetheart, darling, belovedGirl
HablahA woman with a good income or earning.Girl
HadassaThe Myrtle tree in the HebrewGirl
HadassahVariant of Myrtle tree in HebrewGirl
HadeelTo coo like a dove, the sweet voice of a doveGirl
Hadiapeaceful, Guide to honesty, non-violentGirl
Hadleavariation of the name hadleyGirl
HadleeField of heather (A purple-flowered Eurasian heath)Unisex
HaduA vigorous battle maiden.Girl
HadyaGuide To Righteousness, Gift, Well-behavedGirl
Hae (해)O girl who is like an oceanGirl
Hae-Won (해원)Graceful and beautiful garden.Girl
HaeataDawn in the Maori language.Girl
HaeatatangaLight beamGirl
HaedaA woman who regrets a lotGirl
HaeddeA deserving, low-born womanGirl
HaeddiOne who deserves somethingGirl
HaemahCrazy in love, extreme in love, Mad in loveGirl
HafisaBeautiful, good-looking, attractive, handsomeGirl
Hafizalady custodian of the Quran, lady protector of the QuranGirl
HafizahGuardian, Administrator, vigilant, attentiveGirl
Hafsababyish lioness, lioness Cub,Girl
HafsahWife of the Prophet MuhammadGirl
Hafzavariations text of HAFSAGirl
HagA wrinkled old woman, a kind of the goddess or fairy, wrinkled oldGirl
HagenildA bright minded personGirl
HagirVariation of Hadjara, HajarGirl
HagonaAn Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn womenGirl
HahanaRadiance, shine or brilliance.Girl
HaiAlive, The living (Islam) ocean, seaGirl
HaibaAttractive, Charm, AttractionGirl
HaidiA stranger or FlightGirl
HaifaWell-shaped, Slim, DelicateGirl
Haifa hayfaHaving beautiful Body, SlenderGirl
HaileaFood Meadow, Hay clearingGirl
Haileesilage clearing, Hay woodsUnisex
HaileyVariant of Hayley, the place name in OxfordshireGirl
HailyAlternate trendy spelling of the traditional Hailey or HayleyGirl
HaimantiBorn in the timings of hemantaGirl
HaimantikaGrowing in the winterGirl
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