551 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter H

Hanako (はなこ)Flower, BlossomGirl
HanameelThe innate grace in a woman, the gift of grace from God.Girl
Hanami (花見)Flower Viewing, Flowery, BeautyGirl
HandleighFrom the High MeadowUnisex
HandleyClearing in the woodsUnisex
Haniaa spirit warriorGirl
HanikaA graceful woman, SwanGirl
HaninEmotion, Desire, LongingGirl
HaninaServant Female, MaidGirl
HanishaSweet as Honey, Beautiful night, SweetGirl
HannaGod's given gift to me (a child)Girl
HannahGrace, FavourGirl
HannaleaA graceful bringer of good newsGirl
HannaleeGracious, Favor; Grace, FavoredGirl
Hannanwarm feelings, pleasant sensations, Feeling happyUnisex
HanneGrace, charm, eleganceGirl
Hannekefavour, Grace (Hebrew &Latin), Apricot (Japanese), Grain (Sanskrit)Girl
HanneleA made up American name, meaning she is gracefulGirl
HanniGrace, beauty, Favor, kindness, goodwillGirl
HannusGod is generous, God is graciousUnisex
HannyCharming, Pleasant, kindGirl
HanoonAffectionate, loving, warmGirl
HanoonaCompassionate, sympathetic, kindheartedGirl
HanuLord HanumanGirl
HanuniHappy and cheerfulGirl
HanunoA lovely woman.Girl
HanymSingle lady, WomanGirl
HaqikahHonesty, truthfulness, HonestUnisex
HaqiqatTruth, reality, narrationGirl
HaraPrincess (Hebrew), Seizer (Sanskrit)Unisex
HarachaFrog (A creature of God)Girl
HaraldaAn army rulerGirl
HarataFree manUnisex
HardeepStrong, Light of God, Gods lightGirl
HargunOne having Godly merits,Girl
HaridraOne who is golden colored, Turmeric, luckyGirl
HarieaThe long fieldGirl
HarikaThe goddess Parvati, beautiful and wonderful (Turkish)Girl
HarimantiBorn during the springGirl
HarimatiDevotee of lord visnuGirl
HarineeDeer, Goddess LakshmiGirl
HarinikaGoddess of VasuGirl
HarisahGuardian, ProtectorGirl
HarishriHindu GodessGirl
HarithiDivine fire in puja ritualGirl
HarjeevanOne who follows God-oriented lifeGirl
HarjotGod lightUnisex
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