551 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter H

HarjyotLord's lightGirl
HarmeetGods FriendsUnisex
HarpaIcelandic word for harp.Girl
HarpreetOne who loves the GodGirl
HarrietRules the HomeGirl
HarriettaRuler of the homeGirl
HarshaJoy, DelightUnisex
HarshadaThe one who give happinessGirl
HarvelleArmy warriorGirl
HarvinaArmy soldierGirl
HarvineArmy combatantGirl
HaseenBeautiful, Handsome, SmartUnisex
HaseenaBeautiful. PrettyGirl
HashaPiousness, CheerfulGirl
HashnaHappiness, SaviourGirl
HasibaRespected, Noble, High-bornGirl
HasithaDaughter of the swanGirl
Hasnaaveru beautifulGirl
HasnahPretty, AttractiveGirl
HassanaTwin Girl (Nigerian)Girl
HassanahMost pious , beautifulGirl
HasseenahBeautiful with attractive faceGirl
Hassibasecretive and reserved womanGirl
HassiveA person who is responsible and respectableGirl
HatakiyaA Hindi baby girl nameGirl
Hateyapress with the foot or make tracks (Miwak language)Girl
Hatifiis Pertaining to an AngelGirl
Hatimaender of doubts, A wise and decisive womanGirl
HattyRules the HomeGirl
HauIn Maori, Hau means wind.Unisex
HaujamatRed RoseGirl
HaukuDew, as fresh as dew.Girl
HaumiatiketikeA guardian of the fern root.Girl
HaunildAn unsophicated, lonely and diplomatic individualGirl
HauraThe distinctly whorish quality emanating from a femaleGirl
HavilyFrom the stretch of sandGirl
HavinSafe place, refuge or a sanctuaryGirl
HawaAir, desire, inclinationGirl
HawadahPleasant, enjoyableGirl
HawazinName of an Arabic tribeGirl
HawisaClever, bright, intelligentGirl
HawisiaSmart, intelligent, intellectualGirl
HawiyaDominant, GoverningGirl
HawkeA falcon bird of preyGirl
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