831 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JaName that means "Me"Unisex
JaanaA sea of bitternessGirl
JaaneA gracious gift of GodGirl
JaasrithaA name of the goddess LakshimiGirl
JabaA flower name, HibiscusGirl
JabalahMusafh's daughterGirl
JabarahOne who wears a braceletGirl
JabbA slim, thin, sleder ladyGirl
JabirahOne who consols othersGirl
JabmenA woman with a big forheadGirl
JabrayahTo love and respect someoneGirl
JacalaOne who likes truth and filled with youth and charmGirl
JacalynShe who is a supplanterGirl
JaceeA flower type, a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacelynOne who will be protected by GodGirl
JacelynnYahweh may portect herGirl
JacentaA name of Hyacinth flowerGirl
JaceyA woman who is a healerGirl
JacieShe who heals peopleGirl
JacindaOne who is like the hyacinth flowerGirl
JacintaA woman with hyacinth color eyesGirl
JacinthaShe who smells like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacintheA woman who smells lowely, like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JackelineOne whose portector is GodGirl
JackelynShe who believes God is her protectorGirl
JackiHer protector is GodGirl
JackleenMay God be her protectorGirl
JacklinGod may protect herGirl
JacklynShe may be undr God's protectionGirl
JacklynnA girl who believes God is her protectorGirl
JacobellaFeminine form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.Girl
JacquelinGod is protecting herGirl
JacquelineGod covers and protectsGirl
JacquelyneGod takes care and protectsGirl
JacquelynnShe who is cared and protected by GodGirl
JacquelynneSupplanter. A variation of Jacqueline.Girl
JacquettaA little one who God may protectGirl
JacquetteA little girl who might be under gods protectionGirl
JadelynA jaded, tired womanGirl
JadesolaCome out into wealth.Girl
JadesolaoluwaOne who has come out to the wealth of God.Girl
JadidaOne who is not used, a fresh, new oneGirl
JadiraOne with gren eyes, the gemstone jadeGirl
JadonaOne who was heard by JehovahGirl
JadrienShe has eyes the color of the Adriatic seaGirl
JadwigaOne who is war refugeGirl
JadyA jade of a gemstone, the beautiful green colorGirl
Jae Hwa (재화)Respect and beauty, One who is rich and prosperous.Girl
JaedaShe is pure goodnessGirl
JaedeA woman who is good and kindGirl
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