56 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter O

OanezShe who is chasteGirl
OdavwaroI am contentedUnisex
OdelindaLittle wealthy oneGirl
OdetaBlue seaGirl
OgechukwukanaThe time spent worshiping God is the best.Unisex
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favorUnisex
OghenechovweGod aided meUnisex
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthyUnisex
OghenegarenGod is greatUnisex
OghenekevweGod gave meUnisex
OghenemeMy GodUnisex
OghenemineI look up to GodUnisex
OghenerukevweGod did this for meUnisex
OghenerunoGod has done so muchUnisex
OghenetegaGod is worship worthyUnisex
OghenochukoGod provides my supportUnisex
OghomenaHere is my respectUnisex
OghonoroRespect is greater than moneyUnisex
OgnyanaFeminine form of Ognyan, meaning fiery.Girl
OjanomareI have met the challengeUnisex
OketaTongan word for orchid.Girl
OlorunyomiGod has saved meUnisex
OluchiThe work of god.Girl
OlumorotiI stand with GodUnisex
OlusolaGod has blessed meUnisex
OluwabusolaGod adds to my wealth.Girl
OluwadunmininuGod has gladden my heart.Unisex
OluwafunbiGod gave this to me.Girl
OluwagbengaGod has lifted me up.Unisex
OluwatokeGod is worthy to be adored.Unisex
OmetekoGirl born in LagosGirl
OmonighoChild is greater than moneyUnisex
OmonoroChild is greater than goldUnisex
OmotejohwoA girl is also a human beingGirl
OmotekoroA girl is like goldGirl
OmotoreGirl's birth brings festivityGirl
OmotugheleGirl from UghelliGirl
OmotukaneGirl born in diasporaGirl
OmphileGift from God, God gaveGirl
OnajiteThis is sufficientUnisex
OnikeThe onyx gemGirl
OnofriaName of an ancient Egyptian God.Girl
OnoharheseWho blames good deeds?Unisex
OpeliOpal gemGirl
OphiliaVariation of Ophelia which means HelpGirl
OrdeliaElf's spearGirl
OrisaAn angelic manifestation.Girl
OrnelaBlack ash treeGirl
OrynkoPeace, a woman who is peaceful by nature.Girl
OsarogieGod is the king.Girl
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