515 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SabeliaName of an ancient tribe in Italy.Girl
SafaiaThe sapphire stone or the color blueGirl
SafrankaSaffron flower.Girl
SajraA form of Sara, meaning princess.Girl
SalbjörgHouse, hall or castleGirl
Sang HeeBenevolence and pleasureGirl
SárkaMaiden who aids in battleGirl
SarlotaCroatian variant of Caroline, meaning strong.Girl
SarloteFree manGirl
SassaGod is beautifulGirl
SaudaDark and beautifulGirl
SaverinaFeminine form of Xavier. It means the new house.Girl
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or RedUnisex
SchwanhildeIcelandic term for swan.Girl
SeiniYahweh is gracious, Yahweh is mercifulGirl
SemproniaEternal and everlasting.Girl
SemyazzaThe name of a fallen Christian angel.Girl
SenadaOne who is graceful and heavenly.Girl
SenceSaintly, holyGirl
SenoraChamorro word for lady.Girl
Seo Ah (서아)Seo means Auspicious, Ah means Beautiful, Bud, Sprout, Elegant, GracefulGirl
Seo Yeon (서연)Seo means Auspicious, Yeon means Beautiful or GracefulGirl
Seo Yoon (서윤)Seo means Auspicious, Yoon means Allow or ConsentGirl
SerenataSerenade, evening musicGirl
SesilaCroatian form of Cecilia, meaning blind.Girl
SesiliSesili is a Georgian form of Cecily and means blindGirl
SesiliaEstonian variant of Cecily, meaning blind.Girl
ShamiramName of the first Assyrian queenGirl
SharukinaFemale version of Sharukin. It means true king.Girl
ShawnitaBlue diamondGirl
SheniceGod is gracious and mercifulGirl
ShimekaA beautiful princessGirl
ShooshanAssyrian form of Susan. It means lily.Girl
ShukhiaThe light, glowingGirl
ShumanRattlesnake handlerGirl
ShylohVariation of Shiloh which means TranquilUnisex
SialeA flowering bush.Girl
SibilaName of a Greek prophetess. It means oracle.Girl
SidoniaA woman who comes from the acient city of SidonGirl
SieglindeGentle victoryGirl
SienaPlace's name in ItalyGirl
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