830 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TabananicaHears the sunriseUnisex
TabbathaResembling a gazelle, known for beauty and graceGirl
TabbithaResembling a gazelle, known for beauty and graceGirl
TabeaFrom the ecclesiastic greek tabeitha, a woman who was brought back to life by St. PeterGirl
TabiaPolite behavior and talentedGirl
TabitaAramaic name of dorcas meaning gazelleGirl
TablitaA tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic designGirl
TaceDerivative of the english name tacita means silenceGirl
TacieWoman from the sabine tribeGirl
TacitaFeminine variation of tacitus means quietGirl
TacyFeminine form of greek anastasios means of the resurrectionGirl
TadaCame from thaddea means heartGirl
TaditaThe running one; To the windGirl
TadtasiHaving no seaUnisex
TaedraA gift received from GodGirl
TaelorA form of taylorGirl
TaesaA woman reaperGirl
TaetaDerivative of taite which means cheerfulGirl
TaetumForm of traedum; Tata's homesteadUnisex
TaffetaOf ancient italian cultureGirl
TaffyDerived from the element dod which means favoriteUnisex
TafotilaThe daffodil flowerGirl
TaguhiWife of a kingGirl
TaheshaPleasure someone feelsGirl
TahiSea water.Girl
TahjOne who is crownedUnisex
TahkiCompletely, without anything leftGirl
TahliaLamb or lambkinGirl
TahliahMorning dewGirl
TahneeFemale ruler of an independent stateGirl
TahraPlanet where we leave, the EarthGirl
TaideDerived from ancient greek, thais. A famous greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the GreatGirl
TaielA woman who is wealthy and affluent.Girl
TaigiReturning of the moonGirl
TaikaA spell, charm, set of words to invoke magical effectGirl
TailerA form of taylorGirl
TailynnFrom the vietnamese word tai which means talented and english word lynn which means waterfallGirl
TaimiYoung tree with a slender trunkGirl
TainaFrom the house of tatiusGirl
TainiBorn during the returning moonGirl
TainnNew moon babyGirl
TaiomahThunder; Bear those voice who makes the rocks tremblesGirl
TaipaTo spread the wingsGirl
TaisceKeep carefully a valuable itemUnisex
TaishaSomeone who is alive; She who livesGirl
TaisiePrincess of ratlin island who have been entitled the most beautiful girl in the worldGirl
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