830 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TaisiyaFrom the greek name thais which means witty courtesanGirl
TaitOne who brings joy.Girl
TaitangaNot wished for.Unisex
TaitasiNo seaGirl
TaitlynnLight of our lifeGirl
TaittOne who brings happiness to other people; Cheerful oneUnisex
TaiyaA gift from the riverGirl
TajanaTo keep secret.Girl
TakalaTassel of a cornGirl
TakanikoHalo, or one who is angelic.Girl
TakinaTo be carried away.Girl
TalDew from godGirl
TalahPalm tree that is just about to start to growGirl
TalanA clawUnisex
TalarFrom the headland in the fieldGirl
TalasiA corn tassel flowerUnisex
TalayaDew from heavenGirl
TaleahOne who resembles the morning dew from heavenGirl
TaleighaLamb of GodGirl
TalejaOf a noble kindGirl
TalenaFrom ancient celtic ta'lena which means the rock; Spanish dimunitive of the name magdalenaGirl
TaliaDew from heavenGirl
TaliahAbbreviation of natalia also means lamb from heaven or a lambkinGirl
TalianaGoddess of beautyGirl
TaliciaOne who is honorable and nobleGirl
TalidaDiminutive of adelheid which means kind of nobleGirl
TalieFrom the latin natalia, which was originally given to those children who are born on christmas dayGirl
TaliessinA shining foreheadGirl
TalineMonestary; Name of a town in armeniaGirl
TaliniSnow angels; snow falling at dawnGirl
TalisaA form of tallisGirl
TaliseBeautiful waterGirl
TalishaA form os talisaGirl
TalitaThat one little girlGirl
TaliyahDew of God; A lamb that is female in genderGirl
TalliChoctaw name meaning jumping waterGirl
TallulahLady of abundanceGirl
TallysPet form of talia; A female lamb; Last name of a personGirl
TalmaA hillock or a moundGirl
TalulaAn abudant womanGirl
TalulahA woman of abundanceGirl
TalullaShe who is a lady of abundanceGirl
TalwynOne with fair brow.Girl
TalyaDew from godGirl
TalyseShe who is a forest womanGirl
TalyssaConsecrated to God.Girl
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