830 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TamarA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamaraA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamarahA woman who is like a palm treeGirl
TamariGeorgian variant of Tamar, meaning palm treeGirl
TamarisTo be like a palm treeGirl
TamariskA woman who is like shrubGirl
TamarraPalm treeGirl
TamaryA woman who is a palm treeGirl
TamasinShe who is a twin sisterGirl
TamathaName means Dear Tammy, Dear palm treeGirl
TamberA musical tone. One who is musicalGirl
TamberlynTo be someone's twinUnisex
TambiA young one, a childGirl
TambreOne whose music brings joyGirl
TambriaShe whose music brings great happinessGirl
TamburaA musical instrument like a guitarGirl
TamecaOne with sweet natureGirl
TameikaA girl of sweet natureGirl
TamelaOne who is dark in a sweet wayGirl
TameraPalm treeGirl
TamesisOne who is darkUnisex
TameyA pet form of Tamara, which means a palm treeGirl
TamiA form of tammyGirl
TamiaA form of tammyGirl
TamicaShe who is very sweetGirl
TamieA pet from Tamara, meaning a little palm treeGirl
TamiekaA cute girl with sweet personalityGirl
TaminaA twin sister to someoneGirl
TamiraA palm tree's spliceGirl
TamishaAn American version of Tamara meaning the palm treeGirl
TammaPerfect tammy, perfect oneGirl
TammaraPlam treeGirl
TammeeA pet of Tamara. Means a palm treeGirl
TammeyA name that means a date palm treeGirl
TammiA form of tammyGirl
TammieA form of tammyGirl
TammiellaA combination of Tamara and Ella, meaning a fairy maiden of the palm treeGirl
TamminAn indfluential and talented beingGirl
TamoraVariation of the name Tamara, meaning palm treeGirl
TamraLike a palm treeGirl
TamsieA twin sisterGirl
TamsinA short form of thomasinaGirl
TamsynA form of Thomasina, means a twinGirl
TamzenVariation of Tamsin, meaning a twinGirl
TamzinFeminine variation of Thomas, means a twinGirl
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