830 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TanaeShe who is worthy of praiseGirl
TanandaOne who has the power to rule and controlGirl
TanaquilShe who is worshipped in the houseGirl
TancyAn immortal womanGirl
TandiA fair princessGirl
TandiceA team, a person who is a part of a teamGirl
TandilynVariation of the name Tandi meaning a teamGirl
TandraA form of tandyGirl
TaneshaBorn on mondayGirl
TangakinA precious girlGirl
TangelaAn angelGirl
TangenneAn affectionate, trustworthy and humane beingGirl
TangerinaShe who is from the city of TangiersGirl
TangerineShe who is from TangiersGirl
TangiaOne who is like an angelGirl
TanginikaGoddess of the lakeGirl
TangwystlOne who pledged for peaceGirl
TaniaName in honour of an early Christianity martyrGirl
TaniceGod's incarnateGirl
TanisSerpent ladyUnisex
TanishaBorn on mondayUnisex
TanitOne who owns an estateGirl
TanitaShe who is from the Tatius houseGirl
TanithDerived from the name of the main goddess of CarthageGirl
TaniyaRussian pet form of Tatiana; fairy princessGirl
TaniyahA joyful, beautiful womanGirl
TanjaA fairy princessGirl
TansyOne who has immortalityGirl
TanyShe who is tawnyGirl
TanyaRussian diminutive of TatianaGirl
TanykaOne who is from the house of TatiusGirl
TappenThe top of the hanging rockUnisex
TaraiCeltic name meaning the hillGirl
TaralynVariation of the name Tara meaning the hillGirl
TaralynnAmerican variation of the name Tara meaning hillGirl
TarapornOne who appreciates nature and surroundingsGirl
TarbaraA strange traveller who is from a foreign landGirl
TaresaFrom Greek verb meaning to harvestGirl
TarianaCombination name, from names Tara and Ariana, a holy hillGirl
TarinBlend of names Tara and Erin, means a hill from IrelandGirl
TarinaOne who is from a hillGirl
TarraOf the tower; rocky hill or star. An astral goddess in mythologyGirl
TarrahVariation of the name Tara meaning the hillGirl
TarranOf the thunderUnisex
TarrynFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TaruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TarynnHigh hillGirl
TasaA name that means resurrectionGirl
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