830 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TawneeA form of tawnyGirl
TawneyA form of tawnyGirl
TawniA form of tawnyGirl
TawnieA form of tawnyGirl
TawnyBrownish yellow, tanGirl
TayaA short form of taylorGirl
TayanaA Form of Taya; A variant form of name Tiyana which means from the house of TatiusGirl
TayciA silent girlGirl
TaydemOne who is light hearted and cheerful.Girl
TayeA short of taylorGirl
TayelorAn occupational name for a tailorUnisex
TaygaThe gracious oneGirl
TaylaA short form of taylorGirl
TaylahA tailorGirl
TaylarA form of tayloerGirl
TayleeVariant of the name Taylor, occupational name, tailorGirl
TaylieFeminine of Taylor, a tailorGirl
TaylirVariant of the name Taylor, occupational name, tailorGirl
TaylorTailor or To cutUnisex
TayloreA form of taylorGirl
TaylourA form of taylorGirl
TaylynneA form of Taylor, means tailorGirl
TaylyrA cutter; occupational name for a tailorUnisex
TaynaA seamstressGirl
TaysiaWoman from AsiaGirl
TayviaWelsh variation of OctaviaGirl
TazashiaAn optimistic and versatile individualGirl
Ta'ahineYoung woman.Girl
TeaGift of GodGirl
TeaganLittle poet or FairUnisex
TeaghanLittle poetUnisex
TeahVariation of Thea which means Godess or GodlyGirl
TeannThe rainGirl
TeannaOne with a free spirit and a beautiful mindGirl
TeceEmbodiment of GodGirl
TeclaAcclaimed fameGirl
TedraA supreme giftGirl
TeelaA form of tealaGirl
TeenaShe who follows ChristGirl
TeffaniaShe who has seen GodGirl
TegePretty little thingGirl
TegenCornish vocabulary name meaning pretty.Girl
TeghanA pretty fair girlGirl
TehaniShe who caressesGirl
TeiaA tiaraGirl
TeichuihThe younger sister.Girl
TeigeA good-looking womanGirl
TeigraA tigressGirl
TeijaFinnish short from Dorotea, God's giftGirl
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